Our Vision

To restore wellbeing and confidence in your body.

Our Mission

To accelerate healing and health.

Our Values

As a practice, from the first moment you make contact up to and through your healing or renewed sense of wellbeing, we operate out of the following values:


We are focused, attentive, discerning, targeted, acting from wisdom and cutting through the fog to treat you with confidence and understanding.


We are honest and reliable. We think you have a right to know everything about everything at the intersection of our work together. We are healthy in our relationships. We are willing to speak and listen with directness.


We listen first. We hold space. We ensure safety in body, mind and spirit. We are attentive, respectful, supportive and compassionate.


We see you as an equal. We strive to make our work together understandable. We are dialogue-ready. We are available and responsive.


We believe in teaching, learning and that you deserve current and resourced experts. We are individualized in our approach and universal in the deep well of knowledge from which we draw.


We are comprehensive and dedicated to health, vitality, good energy, a full understanding of your health picture and a holistic approach to working with you.