The Ending of An Era

After 31 years of private practice, Drs. Merritt and Mitchell have stopped seeing patients and are focusing on finishing two books and a series of educational videos for patients. They are not stepping out of the arena of patient care — just shifting to where they can have a broader impact.

For three decades they gave their experience and their advice, their minds and their hearts, to all those who asked for help, and as they transition to a different focus, they are leaving you in some very capable hands. 

Please see their recommended providers below, including their associate partner, Sara Stapleton, LAc, MS Nutrition, who has worked side-by-side with them since 2014.

Find The Root Cause

You’re in pain. You’re exhausted. You know Something isn’t right. You’ve spent a lot of money and still no answers

Enter Merritt Wellness. We are diligent practitioners of evidence-based Western medicine, Chinese medicine, herbalism and nutrition. We leverage all of these approaches to identify root causes and restore your health.

Accelerate Your Healing

We deliver precision-driven functional medicine that fast-tracks health and healing.

Come as you are, and we will meet you, serving as accessible and expert guides for restoring your wellbeing.

Go Deeper

Access leading-edge news and resources on conditions, treatments and trends. We take evidence-based research and data and make it accessible and applicable to your situation.

Our Recommended Providers