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You know very well what your symptoms are, but we begin by delving deeper into what is happening with your body. This gives us a clear direction to begin to find out why you are experiencing the symptoms you are.

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This is the point when we investigate the root cause of your symptoms. People frequently do not realize that completely different symptoms can be related.

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We focus on the nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes that will make you better. Our practitioners have an impressive array of wellness tools that never compromise your health.

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What Our Patients Have to Say

“I wanted to drop you a line after having been a patient, because what has happened to me was remarkable. I have had an almost entire loss of psoriasis which had been a somewhat painful and irritating condition for years, and the extreme and debilitating pain from arthritis and a herniated disc has been eliminated! But I’m pregnant now and what has been profound to me is how this pregnancy has differed from my previous pregnancies. My blood pressure has remained low this time (unlike my other pregnancies where I took extremely high doses of 3-5 medications!!). Though I’m frequently tested for diabetes, I do not have gestational diabetes either. At nearly the end of my pregnancy, I’ve gained about 27 pounds — I wish I hadn’t gained that much given my weight, but in the past I gained 55-80 pounds following a diabetic-prescribed diet. This time I’ve mostly stayed on the eating plan you suggested. These changes may not seem extreme, but to me, they are (as I said) profound. I spent over a month on hospitalized bed rest with my first child and went on bed rest at 5 months pregnant with my second. This time, I’m still on my feet and even exercising at over 8 months as well as keeping up with my very young children despite my weight. My journey hasn’t been perfect but you have taught me a great deal and I’m feeling so hopeful and much stronger than I have in years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“I was referred to Merritt Wellness Center because I have had years of terrible ulcerative colitis and very bad psoriasis. The psoriasis was on my back, all over my elbows and my shins, so bad I didn’t want to wear shorts. It would scab and bleed. Now my psoriasis has significantly improved on my arms (it’s nearly cleared up altogether!), and has measurably improved on my calves and shins. My ulcerative colitis has improved to the point that I have stopped taking the medication prescribed for it. I have also stopped taking two other medications I was on. I have lost 30 pounds and lowered my glucose levels by 20 points. Merritt Wellness Center has been the referral of my life.

“Having been a practicing RN for 21 years, I was firmly grounded in the Western medical model. Until a few years ago, I would not even consider trying acupuncture, chiropractic or anything of that school of thought. Then I met someone who had me shift my point of view and try these Eastern medical practices. Which brought me to Merritt Wellness Center, Drs. Marlene Merritt, and Will Mitchell.

In being treated in their practice, I am symptom free from a neurological symptom that I have had for 8 years and no one in Western medicine was able to diagnose, let alone treat and cure. Their ability to get to the root of a problem and cure it is nothing short of amazing. They explain what is happening to you and your treatment in very logical, easy to understand and follow ways. I would highly recommend anyone dealing with any medical condition to open their paradigm and include Eastern medical treatment in your regime—and if you do, go to Merritt Wellness Center!”

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