Health. Exactly.

Your source for precision-driven wellbeing.


Health. Exactly.

Your source for precision-driven wellbeing.


Health. Exactly.

Your source for precision-driven wellbeing.

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You’re in pain. You’re exhausted. You know Something isn’t right. You’ve spent a lot of money and still no answers

Enter Merritt Wellness. We are diligent practitioners of evidence-based Western medicine, Chinese medicine, herbalism and nutrition. We leverage all of these approaches to identify root causes and restore your health.

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Dr. Merritt, I want to thank you for your book and your work in Diabetes. I found myself in the hospital this past March, hospitalized with a blood glucose number of 917. I am 66 years old in pretty good shape. I work out, hike, and have a high activity level. I have been a pre-diabetic (95 to 120) the last 5 years. Somehow my Pancreas had completely shut down. My wife discovered your website while I was in the hospital with a blood sugar of 285. In an effort to take the pressure off my Pancreas, I followed your program to restore my Pancreas and my health. My blood sugar is now anywhere from 95 to 105 on a regular basis. My BP is a steady 120/75. My weight is now 180 pounds. Triglycerides and cholesterol are now in normal ranges. You folks helped my re-invent my health and my life! Thanks for all the information!!

Stephen PModerating Blood Sugar

I came to Merritt Wellness because my doctors kept saying I was fine, but I knew I wasn’t — I didn’t feel well, I was overweight, and I could SEE my blood tests weren’t great. Dr. Merritt ran a much more comprehensive blood test and told me in no uncertain terms that I was pre-diabetic, and “not fine”. I started working with her and now, a year later, I’ve lost 50 pounds without much effort, my blood sugar numbers are normal, I severely decreased my risk of cardiovascular disease (I’m 67) and I feel fantastic. Can’t recommend this team enough.

L. S.

It’s miraculous — a year ago I was seeing a therapist for my depression because of how bad I felt, and then a friend sent me to Merritt Wellness. Dr. Mitchell recognized mold illness and we started treatment and I’m like a new person! I’ve started back at the gym! I’m not tired! I can think again! Thank god I found them — they’ve changed my life.

K. L.Recognizing Mold Illness