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3 Simple Steps to Wellness

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You know very well what your symptoms are, but we begin by delving deeper into what is happening with your body. This gives us a clear direction to begin to find out why you are experiencing the symptoms you are.

Discover Why

This is the point when we figure out the root cause of your symptoms. People frequently do not realize that completely different symptoms can be related.

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We focus on the nutrition, supplements , and lifestyle changes that will make you better. Our practitioners have an impressive array of wellness tools that never compromise your health. 

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Articles by Dr. Merritt

The MTHFR Folate Myth

The effects (or perceived effects) of MTHFR genetic mutation are something we address in practice every day. I say “perceived effects” because in truth, it is one of THE most hyped up, over-complicated, and misunderstood…

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Why We’re Fat — It’s Not What You Think

You know you’ve done it — seen someone morbidly obese and thought to yourself, “Why couldn’t they just control themselves?” or stood in the supermarket, comparing people’s carts to how they look, or any other… 

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Top 5 Ways To Supercharge Your Immune System

We’ve had many people ask us lately about improving their immune system. You can probably guess that hand washing and hand sanitizer will do only so much to prevent illness. The next line of defense…

That Study Is Wrong: The Truth About Research

It’s pretty frustrating, isn’t it? Studies contradict themselves all the time, making it hard for us to know what is correct and what isn’t.  Margarine is good, then it’s bad, but it must be OK because the American Heart Association…

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