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August 10, 2021 in Featured

The Truth About Salt

What’s the deal with salt? You know you need some of it, but everywhere you see advertising and headlines telling you to eat less of…
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August 10, 2021 in Featured

MTHFR Mistakes: Assumptions, Dangers and What’s True About MTHFR

There’s this fad going around involving the popularity of the MTHFR genetic testing. Have you had your doctor recommend you test for it? Or have…
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Drs. Marlene Merritt and Will Mitchell, DOM, MS, CNS, IFMCP have lectured all over the United States, and in Canada, primarily to healthcare practitioners ranging from acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopathic physicians, medical doctors, and nurses, but also occasionally to the general public. Lectures available online are listed here. The topics they discuss range from blood sugar/diabetes, adrenal dysfunction, and thyroid dysfunction, to celiac/gluten intolerance, pediatrics, all elements of nutrition, and business management.


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Smart Blood Sugar

By Dr. Marlene Merritt

Dr. Marlene’s book is an excellent resource for managing your blood sugar without drugs and describes a powerful system designed to help fix your blood sugar problems 100% naturally. When you balance your blood sugar levels, not only is your risk of Diabetes or Diabetic complications cut to the bone, but your energy is back and you look and feel better day by day.

We also offer services related to managing your blood sugar with the help of a practitioner through Merritt Wellness. Schedule a consultation with one of our practitioners!


The Blood Pressure Solution

By Dr. Marlene Merritt

Is your blood pressure too high? I’ll show you how you can lower your blood pressure naturally and safely, without medication, once and for all.

Learn how to STOP your high blood pressure in its tracks, and reverse the damage it is wreaking on your body without a single drug — just by visiting your neighborhood grocery store.

The #1 food you MUST avoid if you want to lower your blood pressure safely and naturally (HINT: It’s NOT salt, as you’ve probably been lead to believe!)

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Healthier Home

Air Doctor

We did the research. We compared everything on the market and Air Doctor was, by far, the best. Uses an ultra-HEPA filter (100x more effective at 0.003 vs. regular HEPA at .3) which captures mold, mold particles, smoke, viruses, dust mites and the vast majority of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Cleans a larger space, more effectively, and thankfully does not use UV to do it. There is no better air filter available, and it comes in three sizes. (Pro hint: sign up for auto-delivery of the filters so you’re never without replacements!)

Use this link for up to $300 off and enjoy safe, clean air in your home!