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Your Health Is In Better Hands Than Ever

As a patient you need to know that your practitioner is at the top of their game, trustworthy, and effective. The Institute for Functional Medicine “sets the gold standard for education, and clinical practice in Functional Medicine globally.” Drs. Marlene Merritt and Will Mitchell took the time, expense, and effort to become IFM Certified Practitioners™ because this training advances their ability to help you get to the root of your ongoing health issues. Now you can feel supremely confident that your health is in good hands. 

Many people are used to the paradigm of treating surface symptoms. People get used to the problem persisting and then pouring more of the same treatment onto the same problem. But people wise up eventually. We want to accelerate that learning process.

Functional Medicine represents a shift to medicine which addresses the root cause of health problems, and the oldest type of Functional Medicine is Oriental Medicine. Therefore getting certified this way naturally fits our practice. We won’t say it was a breeze to get certified, because it wasn’t, but it does follow from years of training to treat patients with the most effective care. You no longer have to resign yourself to bad health. There are effective treatments. Our goal is to give you the best results possible for your health goals, and this certification is one of many ways you know we can make a difference.

Let us show you how to be healthy again.

Expert Wellness Consultations Come To Santa Fe

Merritt Wellness Center is growing its ability to help patients beyond Austin. Even though distance consultations are a great alternative to in-person, they aren’t as effective as face to face interaction with an expert you trust. We have now opened a second location in Santa Fe, NM where patients will have better access to great health.

Solutions to health problems can be addressed more immediately in person, reducing the amount of time it takes to improve. Drs. Marlene and Will are ready to make more of a difference for you so you can get on the road wellness. Our address in Santa Fe, NM is 530 A Harkle Dr Santa Fe, NM 87505. You can still reach us by contacting our office in Austin.

A New Therapeutic Approach to Cognitive Decline

A new therapeutic approach to neurodegeneration, the Bredesen Protocol, helps prevent and even reverse cognitive decline. Merritt Wellness Center is proud to say we have two practitioners certified in the Bredesen Protocol. Patients who previously had little hope are now able to get their lives back.

Merritt Wellness Center practitioners have had in-person training with Dr. Dale Bredesen, and our program is among the most robust and organized in the country. We are helping patients regain power over their mental clarity and win back peace of mind.

A New Level of Expertise 

Sara Stapleton has accomplished great things for her patients for the past 15 years. She brings another level of excellence by having achieved a Masters degree in Nutrition and Functional Medicine this past September. You can rest assured you are getting first class health treatment when you book an appointment with Sara.

New Services at Merritt Wellness Center

CNS Vital Signs

MWC Now has a way to definitively assess brain functioning. Schedule a test today.

Neuroreader Reports

Neuroreader performs a volumetric analysis of brain MRIs for cognitive decline patients. Merritt Wellness Center now offers Neuroreader in house for patients that have had an MRI; we are one of a few practices in the country to offer this service for our Bredesen Protocol patients.


Merritt Wellness Center now offers non-invasive DNA Colon Cancer screening. If you are a patient, we can order this for you. Cologuard will arrange payment with you, and insurance covers it in most cases. Ask our staff for more information. Read more at Cologuard

If you have friends in Santa Fe, NM, tell them how we’ve helped you!

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  1. Randy Deaton
    Randy Deaton says:

    Does Dr Merritt recommend any supplements for high blood pressure ? I have a-fib, I am 74 yrs.of age. My biood pressure is 145/85. It reaches 160/95 often. Is there a Wellness Clinic in the Houston area that you can recommend? Thanks, Randy Deaton.

  2. Patricia De Bonte Miller
    Patricia De Bonte Miller says:

    Traveling to one of your clinics is impossible!
    Do you have colleagues in the Seattle area ?


    Paul Miller and
    Patricia De Bonte Miller

  3. MWC Staff
    MWC Staff says:

    Hi Patricia, Distance consults are a nice alternative to in-person!

    Not being a practitioner, I don’t know of anybody who does what we do in Seattle. Perhaps you could use the search tool at…

  4. MWC Staff
    MWC Staff says:

    Same as on the other commenter: not being a practitioner, I couldn’t make any specific recommendations for practitioners in Houston. Also for specific help with blood pressure, we’d need to see you as a patient. Thanks!

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