Why MWC?

It can be hard to see the differences in alternative practitioners — and be able to judge the effectiveness of their modalities. That’s why we’ve combined the accurate and detailed testing that Western medicine has to offer with natural modalities that restore function to your body. If your car’s oil light came on, would you pull out a marker and cover it up? Of course not! And yet, when a symptom occurs for many people, we often take medication to take care of just the symptom, rather than find, and deal with, the problem. Wouldn’t you rather know that the root of your health condition is being addressed? Which will relieve you not just of symptoms, but also give you a level of health you probably haven’t seen in years…

We are clear that helping a body heal works best with a combined effort. This is why Merritt Wellness Center utilizes several different modalities to assess and treat our patients: the most advanced testing — whether it’s DNA testing for celiac disease, or the most complete blood panels you’ve probably ever had done. Or Genomic testing — seeing how  YOUR genes are helping or hindering you, or how your diet is helping or hindering your genetic expression (and that means long term health — read more about it here). Or using Chinese medicine, or herbs, or nutrition or applied kinesiology — while one alone may work, analyzing the body from several directions helps us find the root of your condition and thus speed your healing.

We always work WITH your medical providers — we find Western medicine valuable for many, many reasons, but find that for preventing problems, or fixing the root cause of a condition that our approach with functional medicine is substantially more effective.

Our practitioners are highly trained in multiple disciplines, and spend hundreds of hours yearly on continuing education. We have over 40 years of combined experience. Additionally, Marlene Merritt and Will Mitchell lecture nationally on topics ranging from nutrition, pediatric health, celiac/gluten intolerance, to thyroid imbalances, adrenal dysfunction, and blood chemistry. Marlene Merritt is a also published author, with two books on health, a co-author with her husband Dr. Will Mitchell on a third, as well as having a published series of articles on nutrition.

We have been where you are — read Dr. Marlene’s story to see why we’re all so committed to helping you find your health again.