“I wanted to drop you a line after having been a patient, because what has happened to me was remarkable. I have had an almost entire loss of psoriasis which had been a somewhat painful and irritating condition for years, and the extreme and debilitating pain from arthritis and a herniated disc has been eliminated! But I’m pregnant now and what has been profound to me is how this pregnancy has differed from my previous pregnancies. My blood pressure has remained low this time (unlike my other pregnancies where I took extremely high doses of 3-5 medications!!). Though I’m frequently tested for diabetes, I do not have gestational diabetes either. At nearly the end of my pregnancy, I’ve gained about 27 pounds — I wish I hadn’t gained that much given my weight, but in the past I gained 55-80 pounds following a diabetic-prescribed diet. This time I’ve mostly stayed on the eating plan you suggested. These changes may not seem extreme, but to me, they are (as I said) profound. I spent over a month on hospitalized bed rest with my first child and went on bed rest at 5 months pregnant with my second. This time, I’m still on my feet and even exercising at over 8 months as well as keeping up with my very young children despite my weight. My journey hasn’t been perfect but you have taught me a great deal and I’m feeling so hopeful and much stronger than I have in years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  — Leila H.

*Individual results may vary


“I was referred to Merritt Wellness Center because I have had years of terrible ulcerative colitis and very bad psoriasis. The psoriasis was on my back, all over my elbows and my shins, so bad I didn’t want to wear shorts. It would scab and bleed. Now my psoriasis has significantly improved on my arms (it’s nearly cleared up altogether!), and has measurably improved on my calves and shins. My ulcerative colitis has improved to the point that I have stopped taking the medication prescribed for it. I have also stopped taking two other medications I was on. I have lost 30 pounds and lowered my glucose levels by 20 points. Merritt Wellness Center has been the referral of my life.” ~ Renee C.

*Individual results may vary

“I’ve done 3 Detox-Cleanses from Merritt Wellness Center this year in conjunction with working out with Joyce Luke and I feel better today than I have in over 10 years. I have been amazed at the mental clarity, energy and focus, plus the 20 lbs. and 7+ inches off my waist is an added bonus.” ~ Scott T.

*Individual results may vary

“I have been reading you for some time in Acupuncture Today and was thrilled that you were speaking at the autumn SP Oct. ’11 Conference at Standard Process. I had the general overview of your day long great session as I had seen you speak in the last year or so.  But you really filled it in for me and I became so empowered and inspired by all that you have shared.

My husband — a big bike rider and previous bike shop owner had, for decades, bowed to the spaghetti and home baked, whole wheat bread god (also lots of fruit and stops for scones, etc) and consequently had triglycerides at 400’s.  Over the previous year, he decreased his fruit and sugars in general, so labs went down to upper 200’s.   CRP was still really up there – 5’s.

Since the day I got back from the conference, he never baked another loaf and we started on the 20-30 carbs per meal.  I was shocked that he was willing to make such a huge psychological leap — not his typical!  What had been bothering him the most was his awakenings every 1-2 hours to urinate all night long, for years.  Also he was starting to have aching in the prostate area.  Scared, no doubt.

The following morning he announced wide-eyed that he only woke up once all night.  Sleeps well now.  No more groin symptoms either. At 5 weeks he had his every-6-mo. labs. Triglycerides were 83!!!, HDL had gone up 10 points, CRP 2.1, LDL 118.  I was shocked. Your information and those changes we made as a result are the only changes we made. He’s 71 — so old-dog-new-trick is possible! :)

I can’t thank you enough!

I want you to know I have taken up your banner as well! Will be giving my first talk to patients on Tues. eve. (Have had many good outcomes with one-to-ones over the winter in the clinic). Thank you so so much for your generous help!” ~ Diane Omtvedt, RNC-E, M.Ac., L.Ac.

*Individual results may vary

“I realized after AOMA orientation that it is high time I thank you and your husband for helping to transform my health and inspire me to take this journey. Years ago, I was desperate for REAL healthcare after Western medicine failed me time and again, and thanks to the both of you, I managed to get back on track to being in the best health of my life. You and Will are truly everything that practitioners should be, so thank you for restoring my faith in healthcare providers, for motivating me to take on this new adventure and for everything else you do.” ~ Christina K

*Individual results may vary

For your entertainment, here are some excerpts from conversations with my mother after her consultation with MarleneMerritt on Tuesday morning.

Immediately after consultation:

Me:  How was it?

Mom:  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.

Me:  So was it good?

Mom:  Oh, wow.  Just friggin’ awesome.

Me:  What’d she say?

Mom:  I have 5 pages of notes.

Me:  So what’d she say?

Mom:  Just friggin’ awesome.

Me:  Okay, well let me know once you’ve recuperated.

Mom:  Bye.

The next afternoon:

Mom:  So that consultation yesterday was really life changing.

Me:  Awww… I’m so glad!

Mom:  I’m going to College Station to pick up some good groceries…. but yeah, I just feel like I get you now.

Me:  What do you mean?

Mom:  Well, all this time I just thought you and Bryan were big ol’ jerky snobs, but you’re really not.  Once you know that certain food is garbage, you just can’t eat it anymore.  And now I can’t!  You really weren’t being snobby jerks!

Me:  Awww… I’m so glad you get that.  That means a lot.

Mom:  Yeah, whatever.

So mom’s all fired up and that means a lot.  She felt really comfortable with Dr. Merritt, and she’s not usually a “feel comfy immediately” kinda gal.  So thanks for your awesomeness and for the good work you do at the Merritt Wellness Center.  :)  Here’s hoping it all works.  We both feel confident! ~ Heather E. (and Sally H.)

*Individual results may vary

“Before coming to Merritt Wellness Center, I had almost a year of constant headaches. I had exhausted all of my resources and had followed up on what I thought might be possible reasons for my headaches (stress, bad eye sight, allergies, etc.). I was doing yoga on occasion, started wearing glasses and contacts, and started taking allergy medicine. I was still having a headache almost everyday.

I began weekly sessions at Merritt Wellness Center and started on an outside–the–office regime of daily herbs, meditation, and yoga. My stress levels were something that I really needed to work on. I came in every week for a month and once the headaches started to subside I saw came once every two weeks, and then once a month for maintenance.

Acupuncture along with my work outside of the office has almost completely relieved me of my headaches. I also had other issues along the way that Dr. Will helped me with as well: colds, neck, jaw, and upper back pain, etc. The office is quiet and comfortable and I always feel that I am treated with respect. I highly recommend Merritt Wellness Center to anyone.” ~ Julie A.

*Individual results may vary

“About the time I turned 13 years old, I started having major trouble in both my right and left wrists. This made my life really difficult, as I was a gymnast and a violin player at the time. I started going to Merritt Wellness Center about five years after I had car accident that put me in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down when the pain in my wrists made it nearly impossible to get around in a wheelchair. A year after treatment, my wrists are almost totally pain free now and I am even back to participating in wheel chair races. In addition to treating the pain in my wrists, Merritt Wellness Center has helped me with various other ailments including jaw pain and recurring urinary tract infections.” ~ Melanie H. (Three-time winner top women wheelchair in 5K races)

*Individual results may vary

“Having been a practicing RN for 21 years, I was firmly grounded in the Western medical model. Until a few years ago, I would not even consider trying acupuncture, chiropractic or anything of that school of thought. Then I met someone who had me shift my point of view and try these Eastern medical practices. Which brought me to Merritt Wellness Center, Drs. Marlene Merritt, and Will Mitchell.

In being treated in their practice, I am symptom free from a neurological symptom that I have had for 8 years and no one in Western medicine was able to diagnose, let alone treat and cure. Their ability to get to the root of a problem and cure it is nothing short of amazing. They explain what is happening to you and your treatment in very logical, easy to understand and follow ways. I would highly recommend anyone dealing with any medical condition to open their paradigm and include Eastern medical treatment in your regime—and if you do, go to Merritt Wellness Center!” ~ Janet Z.

*Individual results may vary

“I was suffering from asthma, problems with digestion, and pain in my neck, shoulders and lower back when I began treatment at Merritt Wellness Center. These conditions had become a part of my life and, though they kept me from enjoying many things, I didn’t know how bad I really felt until I began to feel good again.

I was taking numerous prescription and over-the-counter medications for digestive problems, asthma, high cholesterol, and bone thinning. The medications I was taking were not, in my opinion, alleviating my health problems. In some cases a medication would exacerbate a problem from which I was already suffering, or trigger another problem which required yet another medication.

After only six months I now only take the medication to control high cholesterol. As for my asthma, I now have more lung function without the three different prescription drugs I was taking previously. Instead of multiple pharmaceuticals, I now rely on acupuncture, a regime of nutritional supplements, and chiropractic care to promote and maintain my general health. Merritt Wellness Center has helped me to change my diet to include more protein and vegetables and to eliminate refined sugars, white flour, and some foods that my system was sensitive too. Also under my practitioner’s direction, a dramatic increase has been made in my water consumption and exercise has become part of my daily routine.

The regime and treatments designed and monitored by Merritt Wellness Center have improved my quality of life to a degree I didn’t think possible. I now have more energy and vitality and I am able to enjoy doing more things than I ever could in the past. My family and friends have made extensive comments on my improved general health and outlook. Because of the dramatic improvements in my life, my husband recently began treatment at Merritt Wellness Center and my daughter, who lives in Fort Worth, Texas, will soon begin treatments as well.

The only issue not resolved by Merritt Wellness Center was the deep-seated pain in my neck, shoulders, and lower back. Since Dr. Merritt’s primary concern is for her patients’ total health, she recommended chiropractic care for my subluxated spine, which she diagnosed as the cause of my pain. The chiropractic care is working and I have Merritt Wellness Center to thank for the skillful recommendation.

Throughout treatment I have attained a greater level of health in a shorter time period than I ever expected. I continue to improve and am committed to good health through the use of this alternative medicine discipline.” ~ Betty M.

*Individual results may vary

“Thank you so much for all of your help. After being diagnosed with Sarcoidosis I came to you for help. I also had osteopenia (bone loss), which incredibly, you were able to help me increase my bone density, even while I was on steroids. While being on steroids, you helped me deal with the side effects as well as gave me encouragement. The acupuncture was relaxing as well as helpful, and the herbs and supplements aided in my overall increasing good health. I also went on a cleansing diet and was able to clean my body and learn about good nutrition. I feel that not only have you helped me with my overall health but, have been a friend and coach. Through these long months I have gained lung function to 91%, my doctor says is normal, and I feel great. I feel God has truly sent me an angel! Thank You.” ~ Nicole O.
*Individual results may vary

“I have suffered from mild depression and anxiety most of my life. About a year ago, a friend who was seeing Dr. Will suggested I try treatment at Merritt Wellness Center. I began treatment with Dr. Marlene and within just a few sessions I noticed a significant difference in my overall well-being and my ability to cope with daily stressors. During the course of treatment for depression and anxiety, Dr. Marlene has also treated me successfully for headaches, gastrointestinal issues, irritability and overheating of all things! The integrated approach of acupuncture, massage and nutritional therapy is incredibly effective and I am immensely thankful for the positive changes which treatment at Merritt Wellness Center has had on my health and life.” ~ Michelle D.

*Individual results may vary

“For the most part I’ve always considered myself a healthy young person. My working with infants and toddlers for years was the source of many recurring upper respiratory infections and my low back pain. With the back pain I had tried everything I knew to do and had been to several doctors and nothing seemed to make a difference so I got desperate and decided to try something I thought was crazy, acupuncture and alternative medicine. I laugh at myself now, finding it odd that there’s this knowledge out there that I was completely unaware of.

Within a few weeks of going to Merritt Wellness Center the back pain that had come and gone for 3 years and was the source of me quitting my job, was completely gone. I was a bit stunned. I went from having my husband carry me in from the car and lying on the couch for hours to walking, backpacking, and eventually mountain biking. Also, in the two years that I’ve been going to Merritt Wellness Center I have yet to have to take another round of antibiotics. My GP probably thinks I fell off the face of the planet given the shocking decrease in my amount of visits, thanks to Merritt Wellness Center.

More recently I shattered my left elbow resulting in 3 surgeries, a total of 18 days in the hospital, and more pain than anyone should have to go through. Acupuncture helped to calm the anxiety and decrease the amount of pain I was having. Thanks to acupuncture I was able to go through the most recent surgery to have a metal plate and six screws removed without any pain meds, only taking herbs and Advil, and having minimal discomfort.

Thanks to Marlene and Will I’m able to lead a more active and healthy life. They are super committed to making a difference in the world, and God knows they’ve made a huge difference in mine.” ~ Sheryl K.

*Individual results may vary

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for helping relieve my foot pain. I have been suffering from foot pains for years, ever since I started working in the restaurant business. This industry requires a person to be on their feet for long hours, and until I met you, I never thought I’d be rid of it. After only two visits, my pain went away completely. The real test came a few weeks ago when I worked 8 hours a day for 5 days straight in the restaurant. At the end of each day I anticipated foot pain, but 6 o’clock came, and no pain.

THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU! I always was very skeptical of alternative medicine and didn’t want to try it, but after hearing so many success stories from your other patients, I gave it a try, and I am so glad I did.” ~ Maryam M.

*Individual results may vary

“Both Drs. Marlene and Will are extremely knowledgeable in their fields and are committed to making a difference in people’s health. The year before I started going to Merritt Wellness Center, I was on 6 rounds of antibiotics in 5 months and was going to see my GP 6 to 9 times a year. Now I haven’t seen my regular doctor in over a year! They’ve helped me with my immune system, anxiety, sleep, and pain management. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. They always keep appointments on time, take all of my concerns into account, and are caring and professional. In short, they rock!~ S. K.
*Individual results may vary

I was 20 pounds overweight and making a lot of bad diet choices. My practitioner recommended a liver cleanse treatment that entailed three weeks of wholesome food to give my body a chance to clean itself of all the toxins that a poor diet produces in the system. That cleanse helped me reach my fitness goals (20 pounds lost in three months) prior to a cross–country bicycle ride from Atlanta, Georgia to Portland, Maine.

Part of my personal road to better health involved the education that I received at this office about the food choices I make. How many MD’s recommend better food to treat health problems rather than prescribing some pill? Learning for myself to identify the root cause of poor health, in my opinion, is far more effective than patching over the symptoms with pharmaceuticals, and is the reason I recommend this office’s medicine treatments.” ~ Anonymous

*Individual results may vary

I do recommend trying out a session with Merritt Wellness Center. You will find that they are very professional and genuinely interested in your overall health and wellbeing. It is unique to find people who are so in tune to both Western and Eastern medicines and who have so much research in their heads. The practitioners often spend a long time just educating you about how the body works, how digestion and nutrition works, and how different variables affect your health. It’s a refreshing approach and you feel like a valued patient, rather than a number in a waiting room.” ~ Jackie S.

*Individual results may vary

“Drs. Marlene Merritt and Will Mitchell are exceptionally knowledgeable and caring with their patients, and are committed to their patients’ health and wellbeing. I have going to Merritt Wellness Center for almost 2 years, and in that time they has helped me with a variety of issues, such as the symptoms related to menopause, pain management, sleep, and indigestion. I recently did the MWC Detox Cleanse and I not only lost a few pounds, but the program also prepared my body to better handle the effects of surgery just 2 months later. I highly recommend Merritt Wellness Center!~ Anonymous

*Individual results may vary

“Merritt Wellness Center took a great deal of care to educate me about something Western medicine woefully neglects: how the food we eat affects our wellbeing.

The direct connection between my health issues and the daily food choices I was making weren’t apparent until I started getting nutritional counseling at Merritt Wellness Center. Their suggestions of how to change my lifestyle and habits gave me the power to improve my persistent health complaints. Now that someone has taken the time to share that knowledge with me the connection between diet and health seems incredibly obvious.” ~ S.S.

*Individual results may vary

“I have been going to Merritt Wellness Center for a couple of years now. I originally came in because of a bad case of tennis elbow and in only a few visits it was gone. Since then I’ve been going to them to stay healthy. Their knowledge of nutrition kept me completely healthy while training for a huge race – an amount of training that before would have led to multiple colds. The practitioners care deeply about making their patients’ lives better. I can’t recommend them enough!” ~ Anonymous

*Individual results may vary