Exercise Is NOT The Key!

Let me throw a few numbers at you.  Since 1990, the number of overweight children and adolescents has tripled.  And, among all Americans, currently two thirds, or nearly 70% are considered overweight or obese. The reasons given for this epidemic seem to mostly deal with our sedentary lifestyles: children are not getting enough activity at school, we’re exercising less, […]

The Problem With Artificial Sweeteners

It’s official! Artificial sweeteners are actually detrimental to weight loss. It has become clear from recent scientific studies that increased consumption of diet soda leads to weight gain. How can this be? The explanation is pretty simple. When you drink diet soda, your body recognizes the sweet flavor to mean that carbohydrates are on the way to the stomach. When […]

Easy Tips For When You Slip-up

We see patients every week who we know are committed to losing weight, increasing their energy and managing their stress levels. Are you noticing what I’m noticing – changing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is getting noticeably tougher. There is an amazing amount of temptation around us. I know of a patient who recently started the MWC Detox Cleanse, achieved double […]

Oh no! I’m allergic to food?

Does cutting milk from your diet really make you lose weight? And should you cut wheat out, too? After all, a lot of people are doing it lately. Why are so many people swearing off foods they used to eat every single day? It’s called an elimination diet and it’s more common than you realize. What’s interesting […]