Nutrition to Fight Inflammation

It is that time of the year; when cold and flu season is approaching. Is your immune system ready to fight? Did you know inflammation is an important function of the immune system, designed to protect your body in times of illness or injury? Inflammation is at the root of all chronic disease, so it […]

Cancer Prevention vs. “Awareness” — Which Do You Want?

by Marlene Merritt, LAc, DOM (NM), MS Nutrition It is the rare person these days who doesn’t have a concern about cancer. Between the constant headlines, pink ribbons on everything from planes to lapels, to hearing that Aunt Stacy was just diagnosed, it is impossible to NOT be aware of cancer’s presence. And we SHOULD […]

The Truth About Cholesterol

Download this PDF for the research substantiating this topic… It is so ingrained in our psyches that cholesterol is bad and never learn the truth about why it’s good, and what we SHOULD actually be worried about. Needless to say, it’s a big topic, so this is just a short version to start you thinking, but […]

Wheat Is Making You Fat. And Sick.

Just to be transparent right up front, I’m not totally gluten-free (although Dr. Will is), but after what we’ve learned over time about it, I’m glad that we live in a gluten-free household and that I rarely eat it.  Gluten is found not just in wheat, but also in rye, barley, spelt and kamut. Oats […]

And You Thought Fructose Was Safe.

There’s a video on Youtube of an endocrinologist named Dr. Robert Lustig speaking at length about the evils of fructose and for an educational video, it’s impressively gotten over a million and a half hits! You might be surprised so many people would be interested, but he explains quite clearly to his audience why the overload of fructose is […]