The Dangers Of Antioxidants

We all seem to “know” that free radicals are bad, and that antioxidants mop them up and prevent damage to us, slowing down the aging process, reducing the incidence of cancer and other major illnesses like heart disease. There are just a couple of problems with this theory, the biggest one that being that the […]

And You Thought Fructose Was Safe.

There’s a video on Youtube of an endocrinologist named Dr. Robert Lustig speaking at length about the evils of fructose and for an educational video, it’s impressively gotten over a million and a half hits! You might be surprised so many people would be interested, but he explains quite clearly to his audience why the overload of fructose is […]

The Big C — What Are You Doing To Prevent It?

Someone posted something on Facebook the other day that said, “OK, we’re aware of breast cancer (October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, just in case that escaped you!) — now, can we do something about it?” and that’s exactly how I feel. Statistics show that in the last 50 years, death rates from cancer have only dropped […]