Stress Management

Stress ManagementIt was shown by the American Medical Association back in the 1980’s that 80% of people in the hospital are there because their stress has manifested as a chronic problem that now has to be more drastically treated. Acupuncture and massage have been shown to be one of the most effective ways to limit the damages of stress and induce the relaxation response. This is not just about “feeling good”, although many people notice that also! Our body’s stress mechanisms ARE designed to support us during challenging times, like in an emergency, not the constant stress to which we are exposed. Stress can be “externally generated” like a difficult boss, an unrewarding job, a less-than-peaceful home life, caring for an aging parent or sick child, uncertainty about circumstances around us, whether they are work, or world issues. And stress can also be “internally generated” – for example, constant worrying, driving yourself too hard, being a perfectionist, or carrying grudges.

When you “put up” with symptoms like insomnia, irritability, fatigue, headaches, “nervous stomach”, mood swings, anxiety, depression, or tight neck and shoulders, the imbalance will only get worse and opens the door for more extreme and chronic health issues to emerge later. At Merritt Wellness Center, we can make an enormous difference in how you deal with stress, both in our office and with tools we can give you to use at home. This is our specialty – come see why our patients return again and again for our combination massage/acupuncture sessions – it’s what makes the difference for them to be in peak form in the rest of their lives!