Merritt Wellness Center Services

Merritt Wellness ServicesThe focus of our practice is to support people in recovering their vitality, returning their health and educating our patients so that they can KEEP their health into the future. And we do this with a combination of modalities that underscore and help the body’s own ability to heal.

A foundation of our practice is Functional Medicine, which helps to prevents chronic disease, or returns you back to as much health as possible when you DO have chronic health issues. We use Western medical testing to give us indications if issues are showing up in blood tests (for example) or traditional Chinese medicine techniques to gather more information on your health. We use lifestyle modifications, nutrition, and herbs (just to name a few) to support the body in healing itself.

When you become a patient of ours, we bring together this combination of modalities to figure out how best to help you. Our practitioners all have Masters degrees in healthcare (Chinese medicine or Chiropractic), and Drs. Merritt and Mitchell have an additional Masters in Nutrition. Do you suffer from pain? Insomnia? Infertility? Headaches? Digestive disorders? Hormonal imbalances? We work on restoring health to patients suffering from these conditions and more.

Merritt Wellness Center offers a full range of wellness services for children through seniors, including, but not limited to:

Long-Distance Consulting

We know that our practice is very different from typical doctor’s offices, and even from other complementary healthcare practitioners and nutritionists! We offer long distance consulting for patients who do not live in our area. We have specific paperwork that allows us to diagnose you and prescribe nutritional and herbal treatments that are specific to your health needs. We stay in contact with you just like our regular patients to make sure everything is working properly and that you’re getting your questions answered.

If you live within a a 3-hour driving radius of Austin, Texas, it’s worth it to come in to the office at least for the initial consult and be seen in person, with follow-up visits being on the phone. The cost is the same for in-person or phone consults.

If you are interested in becoming a long-distance patient, the first step is to fill out this paperwork. When we receive this form back, a staff member will call you and schedule you. You can electronically attach any blood tests, supplement and medication lists, and anything else you’d like looked at. Our friendly staff will answer whatever questions you have regarding the appointment when they call. The consult is an hour long, and the fee is $300 for a consult with Dr. Marlene Merritt and Dr. Will Mitchell, and $180 for a consult with Sara Stapleton. They will take your credit card to reserve the appointment when they call.

Click here to start the paperwork!