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by J Perkins on Merritt Wellness Center
inspirational, informative, insightful and supportive

Hello Dr. Merritt!  I found our meeting on Friday to be inspirational, informative, insightful and supportive.  I so much appreciate your ability to access and analyze my health and you sharing your wisdom and knowledge with me.  Plus, I had fun!  I have cleaned out the refrigerator and bought healthy foods.  My husband and I pre-cooked mushrooms, onions, broccoli, and hard boiled eggs for the first part of this week.  I have pulled together breakfast and lunch for me for tomorrow.

I am already looking forward to August 1st when I meet with you again…

by Durlov on Merritt Wellness Center
visit at least a few times

I liked my consultations with Dr. Marlene Merritt. I would recommend others to visit at least a few times, go over your blood work and get dietary tips. Since these are lifestyle tips, they do stay with you forever, as opposed medication. Medication has its place, but I believe you should be actively trying to reduce your dependence on it.

by O Vasquez on Merritt Wellness Center
Wow! Was I ever surprised?

When I first saw the ad for what I thought was yet another worthless book used to make money and not cure anything, I was skeptical. I read the reviews and although they sounded good they were too good to possibly be true. The offer had a iron-clad money back guarantee so after some days I took the chance. Wow! Was I ever surprised? I began reading and implementing the advice by Dr. Merritt. The more I studied her book's advice the more I realized how much sense it made as a whole. Fast forward 5 weeks, my BP is stable around 118/69, 128/73 and even though the numbers keep changing within this bracket I have been able to cut back on my BP meds and even skip them on some days. As time goes on I am confident BP pills will be a thing of the past. As a Veteran, my meds are very inexpensive but it is the idea of taking BPmeds that is so worrisome. Spend the small fee to get the book, all you have to lose is your BP meds and you will gain so much more, plus you will lose weight, have more energy and EAT BETTER. I am back to eating BACON, STEAKS AND PORK CHOPS. Just do it!

by Judy D on Merritt Wellness Center
I am a WALKING testimonial.

DR.  Merritt:

Just letting you know that you don't need a written testimonial from me.  I am a WALKING testimonial.  I met up with three friends this morning  for our Gideon Cabinet Meeting (group that distributes Bibles to hotels, hospitals, all over the world) and the three friends marveled at my weight loss and how good I looked in a very short time.

I told them that the Merritt Wellness Center gave me the answer/key to this weight loss.  I stressed that they need to  meet with you because the weight loss formula for them might be different from mine (regarding number of carb gms).  They all eagerly wrote down "Merritt Wellness Center" on their notepads.  I will share your sugar book with them.  It was really funny to see how EAGER they are to RUN to your Center.

All I have to do is walk around and everyone wants to know how it happened.  If we get the thyroid numbers normal, then you will be a true miracle worker....so far so good. :)  I am faithfully taking ALL the pills.

by Melinda on Merritt Wellness Center
Dr Merritt and her team are awesome

Dr Merritt and her team are awesome! I came to see her for infertility, we have been trying for 3 years. After 1 set of blood work, she immediately identified several nutritional deficiency that I have and she made suggestions on how to replenish them via nutrition and supplements. I also did the cleanse which helped me feel better overall. After a couple months following her suggestions we found out that we are pregnant! Now I really believe that food is your medicine.

by Helena on Merritt Wellness Center
Most caring doctors I've ever known

The Merritt Wellness Center is made up of the most caring doctors I've ever met.  I have several layers of ongoing medical issues and they carefully and systematically figured out what is wrong after I'd been to 15 other doctors who didn't have a clue.  Their caring and attentiveness is displayed in our interactions,  and they are always available for questions or concerns.  With my ongoing present day issues, they are guiding me every step of the way.  Marlene Merritt is always there to encourage me to stay on the course and Will Mitchell works his hardest to figure out the root cause of what is happening, whereas other doctors will give you a pill to mask symptoms.  I truly am impressed with the care I've been receiving. Now that I have a diagnosis, the hard part of treatment begins...

by Betty on Merritt Wellness Center
I found Merritt Wellness Center by…

I found Merritt Wellness Center by ordering  Marlene Merritt's book on blood pressure.  I was able to cut my medication back to almost none at all in a very short time. I made an appointment by telephone with her and have been helped considerably. She is very knowledgeable, honest, and sincere. I was already taking some of the Standard Process vitamins, protein shake, and 21 day cleanse that she offers. They are all great products and all natural.  Some of my family members have also been helped by Merritt Wellness Center, and I would highly recommend their help to anyone.

by Whitney on Merritt Wellness Center

I appreciate Dr. Merritt's encouragement and knowledge. Since first meeting with her last June, I have lost 20 pounds and have learned how to make healthier choices (even though I don't always make them). I also did the Standard Process cleanse in October and I felt great! My feet quit hurting and I was much more focused and energized. I'm looking forward to doing it again in a couple of weeks.

by Michelle Harger Wilcox on Merritt Wellness Center
Thank you Dr. Marlene Merritt

Dr. Merritt has been an answer to prayer. Two years ago I took amoxycillin for a dental issue (December 2015). Within 24 hours I had sharp pains that went from my chest to my back. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought I was having a heart attack. I wound up stopping the antibiotic after 3 days because it was wreaking havoc on my body. Almost immediately, I had the worst heartburn and gerds, was breaking out in hives nightly, as well as having my eyes and/or lips puff up suddenly. Most notable, despite the other things being quite severe, my period stopped. Subsequently, I started consuming apple cider vinegar and maple syrup in water which stopped the heart burn and gerds. I took Benadryl almost daily for at least 6 months to overcome the hives and allergies. I still have terrible allergies, but the sudden puffing up of my eyes and lips has stopped. For the last year I had signs of hypoglycemia and diabetes and felt horrible. I went to see Dr. Marlene Merritt (November 2017) who said she could have me feeling better in 2 days. She recommended several things but most importantly to reduce my carb intake to no more than 60 grams per day (excluding good carbs such as veggies) and increase healthy fats. I started immediately. She was right! Two days later I felt a thousand times better and shockingly, within 3 weeks I started my period and have had a second one all within 2 months. I am almost 52. Despite the inconvenience of a period, I am thrilled that with this simple change, my hormones are kicking in, my symptoms of pre diabetes are gone. It is stunning just how important a healthy diet is and the impact a poor diet can have on the aging process. I have been to several doctors who didn't really have specific answers to my issues. I am thrilled with finding Dr. Merritt. She has been an answer to prayer.

by Courtney on Merritt Wellness Center
I don't know how many times I have …

I don't know how many times I have said, "Thank you! Finally!!!" I have had terrible IBS since I was a child. I have been to every type of doctor, healer, psychiatrist, you name it. I am now 41 and can say for the FIRST time in my life that I feel relief ALL the time. Thank you Will!!!!

by William David Taylor on Merritt Wellness Center
I have just reviewed my original …

I have just reviewed my original hand-written notes, date 3/11/2010, when I first went in to see Dr. Marlene.  How I got there was rather unusual.  My daughter-in-law had been greatly helped by an Austin acupuncture clinic that dealt with infertility issues, and she suggested I call them to see if they took men for other reasons. I did! And they assured me that they only worked with women, but THEN they recommended Merritt Wellness Center.  I went on their website, sent an email to Dr. Marlene, who SURPRISE!!!!!, called me personally and chatted over the phone.  That sealed the deal.  My six presenting symptoms were dealt with seriously, but the serious work was really to address the underlying causes.  I so remember returning home and telling my wife, Yvonne (also a patient for years) that for the first time I was really hopeful in my future healing.  I have now been a patient-friend of MWC for these years, and am so grateful for the personalized care and ongoing concern. My emails, when Dr. Merritt and Dr. Mitchell are out of country, are answered!   The six presenting symptoms? All are significantly improved, but over time. And many other issues took me to the Center.  No over-night miracle; just organic, wholeness discipline (ah, those many supplements I keep chugging down every day!!!), and the personal interest confirm to me that my long-term wellness comes in good part because of MWC.  My most recent step was the Thermography exam, taken just this week. I await my appointment with Dr. Marlene for her reading and the next steps of integral healing. 

by Amy H. on Merritt Wellness Center
Helped me heal my daughter's eczema when no one else could

Merritt Wellness gave me the answers no one else could and helped me restore my daughter's health. Their knowledge and expertise also saved her from possible grave harm. I went to the doctor for over a year for my young daughter's eczema...it was a very small spot on her face in the beginning, but the nice pediatrician wrote a prescription immediately. It took two months for insurance to approve the script due to the very high cost, over which time the eczema spread significantly. Upon beginning to use the cream, the condition only worsened. When I called the doctor's office and asked for help, saying it had spread to her torso, I was assured that I could put the cream over every affected area and use it until the condition went away. I looked at my then 4 year old, and before I slathered her with more cream that didn't help in the first place, I decided to look the medicine up on the internet. To my horror, it had an FDA black box warning saying that it should be used only as a last resort, only on small areas, and used only for a limited time because it was associated with childhood cancer. Eczema... an auto-immune response...thus this "medicine" worked by suppressing the immune system. When I gently asked the pediatrician about this being given as the "first resort," she replied simply with, 'Well, that's what the dermatologist would have given you." I knew they had no answers, and I wanted to not only treat the symptom, but the root cause, and wanted to skip the cancer side-effect!   After visiting Merritt Wellness and seeing Dr. Mitchell, we had hope and a plan of action. Within 30 days of implementing his wisdom, there was dramatic improvement. She is now almost 9 and has been eczema-free for several years. I was desperate and felt powerless when I first brought her in. MWC and Dr. Mitchell gave me the answers and knowledge to take control of my daughter's symptoms by addressing the underlying causes and helping her back to genuine HEALTH. For me, MWC was and is a lifesaver as we have continued as a family to pursue flourishing health and wellness with their amazing knowledge and invaluable help. Thank you, MWC!

by Holly on Merritt Wellness Center
Great For Allergies

I have been going to Merritt off and on for 12 years now. I have terrible seasonal allergies which they have been able to remedy with acupuncture and herbs -- something that traditional western medicine wasn't able to do. Their staff is fantastic! The practitioners are well versed in their fields, and they actually listen to what's going on with you so they can get to the root of the problem. If you're sick of taking allergy medicine and all of the side effects that come along with them, I highly suggest checking out Merritt Wellness Center.

by Brian Lynch, NC on Merritt Wellness Center
Dr. Marlene Merritt's Successful Health Protocol

Dr. Merritt is a nutritionist that truly understands the relationship between diet, exercise and diabetes.  Check her out on YouTube as that's where I first spotted her.  We talk on a monthly basis and the knowledge gained is hard to put a price tag on.  I'm a type 2 diabetic with current pre-diabetic fasting numbers.  My A1C will be determined in January.  Since taking her advice for 3 months, I'm now taking half my blood pressure meds and am off Metformin for T2 diabetes.  My heartburn has been non-existent for the last 6 weeks and I was previously consuming antacids on a regular basis.  She recommended certain blood tests and it was found that my vitamin D level was low, as well as homocysteine. It is now within range and that might be helping my pancreas produce more insulin, thus helping my morning fasting blood glucose numbers.  I plan to continue communicating regularly with Dr. Merritt until I am off all prescription medicines.  I feel great due to her recommended supplements and a diet of healthy fats/oils, organic vegetables, limited fruit and grass fed, free range meats.  Lastly, I have lost 11 lbs comfortably with a goal of 11 more.

by P. Schworm on Merritt Wellness Center
It has only been 3+ weeks but I am …

It has only been 3+ weeks but I am already feeling MUCH better! I look forward to going through the whole program to see how I feel after. My health is now quickly changing for the better after many years of no improvement.

by Jan Kampen on Merritt Wellness Center
Came for Migraines

Came to Merritt Wellness recommended by a friend for my migraines! She told me to be sure and share any other things I might have going on! I met Sara and I am a work in progress!! She is helping me get my body back to where it needs to be to function correctly and it is also helping my headaches!! Highly recommend them!!

by Tori Fleming on Merritt Wellness Center
Personalized, Professional Wellness Care

Drs. Mitchell and Merritt and their capable staff have made the care I've received SO personal. I appreciate their professionalism and expertise. With their guidance I've made great improvements in my health. I highly recommend them for health and wellness care. Love them!

by ERNEST PIATTI on Merritt Wellness Center
When your serious about your health

Dealing with Dr Merritt has been a total pleasure to the tune so far of 47 lbs and my blood sugars at fast from 147 to 118 avg. the office staff are very pleasant to deal with I highly recommend the wellness center to any body that is serious about getting there health on track. Thank you doc. Ernie

by Deborah Parker on Merritt Wellness Center

Marlene teaches me how to systematically PRACTICE being healthy. Together we pinpoint triggers and solutions.  Extremely personal as well as approachable, I appreciate the true care and tools Marlene offers.

by Joseph Rea on Merritt Wellness Center
The ultimate place to get control of your health.

I went to Dr. Merritt because I was having problems with poor sleep quality and low energy throughout the day. It had gotten pretty bad - I could barely peel myself out of bed in the morning, and just getting through the day was a struggle. I had been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea a few years earlier, so I thought that was the reason.  Dr. Merritt helped me see that there were other factors influence my sleep quality and energy levels. She helped me uncover aspects of my diet and lifestyle that were contributing to the problem. Dr. Merritt gave me a simple, easy-to-follow plan with clearly laid-out instructions of how to regain control of my sleep and my energy.  Within a week or two, I started noticing a significant change in my energy and sleep quality. I was able to start exercising again, and enjoying fun activities as well.  What Dr. Merritt has done for me has transformed my life. I finally know how to build a lifestyle which supports high energy and productivity. And best of all, I was able to improve my situation through nutrition and herbal supplements, instead of prescription medicines. I always prefer a natural solution when it exists.  I highly recommend Dr. Merritt to anyone who wants to get control of their health and vitality. What I appreciate most about Dr. Merritt is that she sits down with you and listens deeply to find the root cause, rather than treating the symptoms. That's something you just don't get with most doctors.

by Rebecca Smith on Merritt Wellness Center
Grateful for Marritt Wellness Center

Four years ago I was in ICU being treated for Diabetic Ketoacidosis.  I was diagnosed with LADA - Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adults.  Western medicine did not have much to offer me, except insulin, so I reached out to the Merritt Wellness Center and began seeing Dr. Mitchell.  Over time, Dr. Mitchell was able to educate me in the road to healing through nutrition, supplements, and healthy lifestyle choices.  He also was able to treat my menopause symptoms, without going on hormones  In my last round of blood work, my A1C was in the normal range (not common for diabetics) and my family doctor stated that I was healthier than most of her non-diabetic patients.  I will most likely have to be on insulin the rest of my life but I believe Dr. Mitchell has been the main reason for my recovery and the good health that I am experiencing today.

by Nevin on Merritt Wellness Center
Merritt Wellness is a life changer!!

Merritt Wellness has been amazing for my life!! I have struggled for years with neck and back pain. Since coming to Merritt Wellness I no longer have any neck and back pain. I have also received great nutritional advice that I can pass along to my children. Office staff is amazing as well!

by Larry on Merritt Wellness Center

I've had type two diabetes for over 15 year. It was getting worse every year...3 types of diabetic medication and two types of insulin (100 units a day with 5 injections daily). I revamped my lifestyle in the last 6 months.... I was getting better. I started following Dr. Merritt's recommendations outlined in her "Smart Blood Sugar" book. Now you can do years of your own research coupled with trial and error excercises ..... I did! After reading this book I realized everything and more that I searched for was covered in a very easy to read and follow presentation. I wear a Dexcom G5 continuous glucose monitor. This displays my blood glucose every 5 min since I put it on 6 months ago. My A1C dropped from 10.7 to 5.7. I stopped taking all my insulin and reduced my other diabetic medicine by over 40%. I also lost 22 pounds. I still have the same diabetes I've always had.....but my blood sugar is now completely under control! This really works!

by Jim on Merritt Wellness Center
I no longer suffer from Cedar and mold allergies

Several years ago Merritt Wellness provided supplements, acupuncture and a diet plan to counter allergic reactions.  It took about three months but it worked.  I have not suffered from allergies since.  I just completed a one hour consult with Dr Marlene during which she answered all my questions regarding  the  nutrition plan I am currently using.  I have never had a more clear, simple explanation of how blood sugar works and the benefits of a low carb diet. I plan to continue using Merritt Wellness for all my wellness needs.

by Autumn on Merritt Wellness Center
7 Years of Western Medicine Couldn't Do What Dr. Merritt did in less than 6 MONTHS!

After 7 years of dealing with all sorts of functional issues from Endocrine to GI and seeing every one of those specialists, sometimes multiple ones, I finally gave up on "traditional" medicine. I waited so long because I wanted to exhaust all options covered by insurance, but years later, I only got worse and worse and never got help. I finally earned some extra money to help pay my expenses to see Dr. Merritt. Within 12 weeks I saw results I had only dreamed of having. I still have a ways to go, but every week I get more and more back to normal. I have Dr. Merritt to thank. On top of it all, her staff is amazing and very responsive!

by Julie Lloyd on Merritt Wellness Center
Sara Stapleton is an amazing care provider!

Sara takes the time to understand your health issues & goals, works with you to form a plan and sincerely cares about your overall well being. She is truly a partner in your health! I look forward to each appointment & feel wonderful afterwards, cannot recommend her enough.

by Julie on Merritt Wellness Center
Merritt Wellness Center turned our health around

When our family first visited the Merritt Wellness clinic I had chronic migraines and my children had frequent headaches.  I was taking a daily anti-seizure drug to help prevent migraines as well as taking migraine pain medicine multiple days a week.  My son frequently awoke not feeling well.  I knew we needed nutritional help, and I did not want any of us on pharmaceuticals for a lifetime.  We learned that our bodies are made to heal and Dr. Mitchell provided the specific supplements we needed to heal, changed our perspective on "healthy eating," and coached us through our journey to health.  Not one member of our family is on any prescription medications or pain medications.  We have not had to visit a pediatrician or doctors' office for the flu or any other ailment since we started visiting Merritt Wellness clinic four years ago.  As a mom, I feel confident that I know how to feed my family well and am teaching them how to take care of themselves.  We have benefited immensely from all of the educational tools Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Merritt provide for us. I am extremely grateful we found this clinic and our quality of life has changed immeasurably.

by Jodie on Merritt Wellness Center
#1 Choice for My Doctor

I have seen Dr. Marlene Merritt for many years. She has helped me and my family with many health issues ranging from the flu to chronic illnesses. Her holistic approach to healing, her blend of using many modalities for treatment, and her approachability are some of the many reason she is my #1 choice for my doctor. I have sent several people to Dr. Merritt who were exhausted with mainstream western medicine and they have all been grateful for her care.

by Peggy on Merritt Wellness Center
Outstanding Practitioners

Dr. Marlene Merritt, Dr. Will Mitchell, and Sarai Stapleton are knowledgeable caring practitioners.  No matter where you are on your journey to good health they can help.  The practioners are so passionate about helping their clients learn what environmental and genetic factors could be causing poor health and providing the protocol to improve their health.  I had the privilege of attending a seminar where Dr. Merritt and Dr. Mitchell presented information regarding dementia and Alzheimer's.  It was outstanding!   Their knowledge of the subject matter was impressive. I wish more people from the general public could attend this presentation. It is quite informative and eye opening.    I look forward to continued growth to good health through the guidance of the Merritt Wellness Center practitioners.

by Frauke on Merritt Wellness Center
Great experience seeing Marlene Merritt

Went to Marlene two years ago and learned to make permanent changes to my eating habits, which made a huge difference in my overall health, well being and quality of life, not to mention weight loss. Am forever grateful about the knowledge I gained in nutrition and trust Marlene's recommendations and opinions!

by Nancy on Merritt Wellness Center
Heading for Remission

In November 2015, I happened upon Dr Marlene Merritt and the Merritt Center in Austin, Texas. I watched her video, read her book and visited her site. I was very excited and thrilled to find her. Through her own education, research and practice, she was saying, practicing (and having results putting diabetes into remission!!! – I wanted this!!!) what my research showed and what I had achieved briefly. I joined her site and receive meal plans from her center weekly. Her meal plans are easy and excellent tasting and the principles of high protein, high fat, low carb can be followed where ever I go. I also learned on Merritt Wellness Center Site, that Marlene does phone consultations and scheduled one. It is so good to talk to a person who knows that this way of eating works and has a long term track record of success. Her phone conferences with me are full of support, encouragement and targeted recommendations for supplements and things for me to do to bring me to success.  Around 2012 I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes with an A1C of 12.9. It was a very scary time. Genetically, diabetes runs on both sides of my family and I have seen its effects: including being on medication. I decided to turn these numbers around through diet and made it my mission to find what works. My primary doctor told me of the risks of not taking this diagnosis seriously and not going on medication. I asked her for two weeks and she agreed, since I would be seeing her again in two weeks. Through the support and encouragement of my neuro-muscular therapist, I made changes to my diet and brought down my fasting blood sugar from 290 to 199 in that time period. My doctor was thrilled and gave me clearance to continue on that path with regular 3 month A1C testing by her.  In the months that followed I extensively researched diabetes and tested regularly my blood sugar readings. I eventually reached the conclusion that high protein, high fat, low carb was the way of eating that worked best at bringing my readings down. In December 2014 my A1C reached 6.3 but stress in the following months quickly brought the A1C higher. It was hard going it alone and I was getting discouraged..  Today, August 2016, my body is still going into remission but my last A1C was 6.4...this was after a 3-month period of massive stress involving 2 eye surgeries and running a business while recovering (and under the guidance of Marlene Merritt.  I so strongly encourage you to talk to Marlene and join her center. No matter where you are in the world, Marlene does phone conference calls, after receiving your test results (she will ask for specifics). I am staying off of medication by simply doing the finger sticks and monitoring with traditional blood testing through my primary doctor, and conference calls with Dr Marlene Merritt and the Merritt Wellness Center.  I had the theories and was practicing high protein, high fat, low carb eating but working with Marlene has definitely expanded my world and provided me with the professional support that I need to continue on this journey. It is much easier connecting with this world.  I recommend highly Marlene Merritt and the Merritt Wellness Center.

by Julia on Merritt Wellness Center

I began seeing Dr. Merritt for a variety of reasons, including depression and tooth/gum issues. Merritt Wellness is the best, most comprehensive wellness experience I have ever had, perhaps in part thanks to her application of multiple disciplines in diagnosis and treatment.  Generally speaking, I never cared for Western medical doctors or psychiatrists and their attitudes that their knowledge is the best knowledge. The care I received from these people always felt more like a pharmacology or surgery sales pitch, always felt hustled. I dare say, if you're the type who doesn't like doctors, go see Dr. Merritt. My experience with Dr. Merritt is joyful, affordable, complete. She put control over my health in my hands, in a way I could understand and make happen.

by Janet Zaretsky on Merritt Wellness Center
If You Want to GET WELL< Come to see them

I have known Drs. Marlene Merritt and Will Mitchell for 18 years. I can say unequivocally- they are amazing healers, are both brilliant and know their stuff. I could share a lot of stories- but i will share just 2. I had a condition that medical doctors could not figure out-and just gave me drugs to mask the symptoms. Will discovered what it was, and treated it and got me off all medication allowing my own immune system to work to deal with the underlying issue. My husband was diagnosed with diabetes, type 2, a number of years ago, and rather than go on medication, he saw Marlene-- he followed her advice and completely reversed his diabetes. His MD said he had never seen it before (lab tests that confirmed it). I have recommended them over and over and always get fantastic reviews. (I am an RN, by the way)

by M.Williams on Merritt Wellness Center
Sarai is AMAZING!

I have been going to Sarai for acupuncture to help with my IVF journey. She has been so helpful and I truly believe she had a lot to do with it working the first time. She's not only my acupuncturist but I feel like she really cares about me and the little baby growing inside of me.

by Elizabeth on Merritt Wellness Center
Great experience!

I am so happy that i decided to visit Dr Merritt! I had ignored my subtle(but annoying) ailments for a long time, because I just accepted that maybe getting older means things dont work as well. On a particularly annoying symptom day, i noticed i kept thinking my symptoms which was becomming exausting and starting to make me stressed.  I looked up a holistic doctor on yelp just to give it a whirl, and what i found was someone with a world of helpful knowledge! If you have anything you deal with often enough that you feel like you just 'have' to live with, please give this center a try, first!

by Suzy Weatherford on Merritt Wellness Center
Merritt Wellness Center is a GIFT!

The best gift ever was from my friend, Deb. She gave me a gift certificate for MWC in February 2010.  My annual birthday present to myself is investing in MWC's 12 Nutritional Treatment Package and a Detox/Cleanse Program.  The ULTIMATE GIFT is from Dr. Marlene Merritt, Dr. Will Mitchell and their family of practitioners & staff associates. They listen, they care, and they provide a scope of services to promote prevention and healing - wherever you are on your personal path for wellness. They combine the best of eastern & western medicine, and extend the boundaries into the universal realm with Nutritional Response Testing. As clients, we are empowered to be accountable for our quest for health through our treatment sessions/consultations, and MWC educational classes, books, articles & videos. They set the gold standard in commitment to their research, professional studies, and programs for the health of their clients.  I am grateful for their support & treatment, with a special nod to my practitioner, Dr. Mitchell. I trust MWC with my health. I wholeheartedly recommend MWC - they are awesome!

by John Engler on Merritt Wellness Center
Health and wellbeing

Merritt Wellness Center has been an excellent partner in my quest for health and wellbeing. I say quest, because it's a never ending journey, but with Dr. Merritt and staff supporting me and guiding me, I've been able to drop 65 pounds, quit smoking and start running as a daily habit. I feel as good in my 40s as I did in my 20s, and people tell me I look like I'm 30. Thank you Marlene, Sarah, Will and the rest of the staff. See you soon!

by Kim Fine in Brenham Texas on Merritt Wellness Center

I'm so grateful for the wellness center I feel good Now  Dr. Merritt cares she's a real person I would recommend her to anybody the staff is very friendly and helpful you feel like you're at home and comfortable they don't judge you or belittle you  they're genuinely there to help you what more could you ask for  I'm honored to even be seen by Dr. Merritt most of all I would call her my friend not just my doctor I drive from the Houston area all the way into Austin for my appointments and I wouldn't have it any other way unless she had her clinic closer but one where another I would come see her

by Dee Villarrubia on Merritt Wellness Center
Healed my Insomnia with 1st natural prescription when 10+ years of medicines failed me!

Dr Merritt and her staff are Excellent! I highly recommend!

by Bill on Merritt Wellness Center
Bill Taylor with gratitude and respect for Merritt Wellness Center

For 8 years Marlene and Will have treated me with competency, grace, understanding and wisdom. I enjoy much better holistic health because of them.  I started with Marlene, who transitioned me to Will for systematic and systemic long-term testing.  The supplements are daily "bread" for my wife and me.  Our grandchildren have told us that when we die, we will "turn into a supplement"!  We have, and will continue to, recommend Merritt Wellness Center to our friends.

by KD on Merritt Wellness Center
Set your excuses aside and make an appointment. Now!

I came here looking for allergy relief, and ended up with a go-to spot for better health. I'd long been put off by western doctors, who pull out their antibiotic script pad before hearing what I had to say - if they listened at all. That's not the case at MWC! I've seen several practitioners at MWC, and each of them are committed to your health - probably more committed than you are, for that matter. Pick up the phone, and make an appointment. Now!

by Lauren Oertel on Merritt Wellness Center
I wish everyone would drop their current doctors and go here instead!

The Merritt Wellness Center saved my life and I highly recommend them to everyone. Two years ago I developed an autoimmune disease from extreme stress, and for months I was in and out of the ER, in incredible pain, blacking out multiple times a day, and without hope for ever getting better. The Western medicine-trained doctors at the hospital and offices I had been visiting told me, "There's no cause for autoimmune diseases, nutrition is unrelated, and you'll need to take this medication for the rest of your life." The medication was causing many awful side effects, and it was not helping. And they were 100% wrong about autoimmunity.   Finally a friend referred me to the MWC and I met with Marlene. She explained the drastic changes I needed in my diet and started me on natural supplements. Three days later I was significantly better, and after a month I was able to get off all medication for good. I have been following up through their Nutrition Response Testing program since then, and I am amazed by how well it works. I recommend this place to everyone I know and wish that all doctors would start treating disease the way they do. I am grateful to Marlene and her staff every day that I get to spend as a healthy person, without medication, and with the confidence that if anything else goes wrong in the future, I can go there to take care of it.

by Lisa on Merritt Wellness Center
Changed my life!

After years of exhaustion, doctor visits, and no answers, I decided to seek out alternative medicine. Having never tried acupuncture, Sara Stapleton was superb! Her warm and caring spirit put me at ease. She is a true professional and talked to me about my issues and suggested more bloodwork and referred me to Marlene Merritt. After getting the results, Marlene recommended supplements and I feel like a new person. It has been life changing! Both of these women are extremely knowledgeable, caring, and supportive.

by Sarah on Merritt Wellness Center
REAL healthcare, like it's meant to be

They don't cover up symptoms. They help your body heal itself. Acupuncture and Nutrition guidance with Merritt Wellness have made a tremendous difference in my overall health and wellbeing. They show you the data, not the latest fad.

by Gwen on Merritt Wellness Center
Best Business in town

Merritt Wellness Center helped turn my health issues around.  I have worked with Marlene Merritt and she has been extremely helpful and very conscientious in her care of my health issues.  I have referred many of my friends to her and they have all been very very pleased.  Don't delay, make an appointment today.  It will be well worth it.

by Theresa on Merritt Wellness Center
Highly Recommend!!!

Merritt Wellness Center is the best of the best in treating the whole person. They dedicate their lives to making others' lives better. With top notch professionalism and genuine caring, this is the place to come to heal the whole body. I highly recommend Merritt Wellness Center!

by Jennifer R. Clarke on Merritt Wellness Center
Trusted Health Advisors

I went to see Dr. Merritt at a time when I was under extreme stress.  She was very thorough and compassionate and based on her recommendations, I saw a turnaround in my symptoms ( anxiety, sleeplesness) in three days. I have and will continue to recommend Drs. Merritt and Mitchell to anyone who wants to a) feel better and b) start on a pthway to optimum health.

by Stephanie on Merritt Wellness Center
Sara is the best!

Sara has been giving me acupuncture for fertility. She was recommended by my ivf doctor, and has already successfully helped me have a baby. I'm now seeing her for help on my second! She's very caring, thorough and knowledgeable. I always feel great after my sessions: relaxed with a positive outlook, which is a big deal since going through ivf is so stressful.  Can't say enough good things about Sara! Very happy to have found her.

by Greg on Merritt Wellness Center
The Right Choices For You.

Merritt Wellness Center helps you figure out the right course for you, as an individual, incorporating their collective years of experience and knowledge to help you solve and prevent health issues.

by L.M. on Merritt Wellness Center
Life Changing

Merritt Wellness has definitely changed my life. I've been dealing with severe back issues for 3 years and after just 3 months of nutrition and acupuncture, I'm in less pain and already feel so much better! Thanks!

by Barbara on Merritt Wellness Center
Successful Treatments - no medications and no side effects

Merritt Wellness Center made a difference for the skin problem on my palm that dermatology has no way to treat or even alleviate the tormenting symptoms (such as intense itching and dry cracking skin).  On Dr. Mitchell's suggestion I took specific supplements that made the distressing symptoms  disappear, and the skin problem is much improved.       I consulted MWC again when I had developed pain in one of my hips that became worse the more I walked, and climbing of stairs became even more difficult.  I followed Drs. Merritt and Mitchell's specific supplements and have lately walked 2-4 miles daily without any pain.       I am grateful to them..

by Amada on Merritt Wellness Center
Best Functional Practice

For the last 7yrs I've been seeing Dr. Mitchell and there's a reason why I continue to come back, the process works.  As for a primary care, I don't have one and have zero need for one.  If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and done with traditional medicine, I suggest you give Merritt Wellness Center a try.  Honestly, you have nothing to lose.

by Hadley on Merritt Wellness Center
Sara is the best!

Before coming to Sara, I had pain from TMJ and tendinitis. With Sara's help, those aches and pains at gone. I recommend Sara and acupuncture for anyone suffering from chronic problems.

by Katie Jo on Merritt Wellness Center
I would recommend the MWC for holistic health and nutrition

The care providers are compassionate and knowledgable

by Diana Cook on Merritt Wellness Center
Excellent doctor - knowledgeable, healing and caring

The Merritt Wellness Center has exceeded all my expectations.  Dr. Marlene Merritt is trained in both Western and Oriental Medicine as well as nutrition.  She has succeeded in improving my health and quality of life beyond all of my expectations.  I can bring up almost any issue, and she can usually come up with a solution or a way to improve it.  Her attitude is so caring and positive that it gives me the expectation that treatment will succeed which no doubt adds to its efficacy.  I trust her completely which is rare for me to feel about standard medical care.

by Kim on Merritt Wellness Center
Amazing group of people. So very helpful!

Merritt Wellness Center helped me to eradicate my heartburn problem that I have had for 10 years. I haven't had a single episode since my 1st appointment! I can't thank Dr. Mitchell enough. The practitioners are super friendly and helpful, they always seem to go the extra mile. I will ALWAYS recommend!

by JennerTX on Merritt Wellness Center
Practical, quality care provided that is unique to you!

I have been to Merritt on a couple of occasions to solve my digestive/tummy problems. I found Dr. Merritt very knowledgeable as well as practical in her approach. I am feeling much better and I have a focused plan! I would recommend others including those that are encountering stress related health issues as Dr. Merritt also does acupuncture (she is awesome!)

by Nora on Merritt Wellness Center
Love it!

I'm getting healthy the natural way!

by Lisa on Merritt Wellness Center
Sarai Stapleton

I have been seeing Sarai for over 2 years and I always leave my appointment feeling very well cared for.  She has a wealth of information and resources to help with everything from stress, digestive issues, hormones and allergies.  Sarai is a professional that has dedicated her practice to helping her clients reach their optimal health. I recommend Sarai to everyone I care about.

by Cheryl Mutschler on Merritt Wellness Center
As good as acupuncture gets with Sarai Stapleton.

Sarai is a very knowledgeable, thoughtful and caring practitioner whose  concern for her patients comes through in the very first meeting where a comprehensive review led to a thorough understanding of my history.  It is with this approach that she was able to help resolve issues with joint inflammation that has plagued me for years.  Can't say enough about my gratitude for how her services have helped me.

by Kay on Merritt Wellness Center
The Center helped clear my system.

I arrived at the Center after several people recommended it to me for my skin issues. It was a lengthy process and a long regime of supplements and some frustration for everyone. I stuck it out and am now on maintenance.

by Amy on Merritt Wellness Center
Heal yourself Now!

I have suffered for years with my health. I felt so lost in the "healthcare" system. If you have been on a journey trying to heal from an injury, chronic illness, or just improve your overall health; the practitioners at Merritt Wellness are there for you through it all. They not only helped me they LISTEN and HEAR what I need. I am so grateful for their support, guidance and care to be well and thrive in my life.

by Connie on Merritt Wellness Center

I went to Merritt Wellness Center because I wanted a long-term solution to preserving my health. I am in my Fifties and mostly healthy. The timing was perfect because my life took an unexpected turn and I developed severe anxiety for the first time in my life. Dr. Mitchell, the 12-visit program of NRT were life savers. The supplements and additional treatments of acupuncture helped to calm me. With the help of Dr. Mitchell I learned how, what, and when to eat to minimize the stress and anxiety. I am forever grateful and can't recommend Merritt wellness center enough!

by Nicole on Merritt Wellness Center
Blown Away

I've been going to Merritt Wellness Center for years, and I'm consistently blown away by how dedicated every member of the staff is to supporting the health of their patients.  Will and Marlene have an incredible depth of knowledge on many health and nutrition topics across the bar and so generously give their time to answering all of my questions in person and via email, writing articles to educate people on important topics, and holding seminars to empower people around their health.  I'm so grateful that I found them years ago and have sent many, many of my friends and family their way.  Everyone I know consistently raves about the impact that the Merritt Wellness Center has enabled them to make on their health, often helping them resolve issues they've been resigned about changing for YEARS.

by Michael on Merritt Wellness Center
Optimal Health Care

True caring optimal health wellness care with warm caring staff and care to the highest professional standards.

by Jeanette on Merritt Wellness Center
Fantastic Group!

This is a fantastic group, very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

by Mike Rinehart on Merritt Wellness Center
Merritt Wellness Center

Only Health Care Professional I go to anymore for medical, nutritional, health creation...They are the best!!!  I trust them with my life and vitality...

by Gaye on Merritt Wellness Center
Sarai Stapleton - Acupuncture

Sarai is simply wonderful - kind, caring, knowledgeable, informative, supportive, and extremely dedicated. She goes above and beyond to help address any issues or concerns you are having and to provide the best possible care.

by Jim Williams on Merritt Wellness Center

I like the fact that even though the phone consults were expensive, Dr. Merritt and staff were always available to answer questions through E-mail at no cost in between consults. I will continue to use Merritt Wellness Center to order my supplements.

by Casey on Merritt Wellness Center

Sarai is amazing.  She is my go-to for acupuncture in Austin.  I have referred and continue to refer people to her. She is the BEST!

by Paige on Merritt Wellness Center
Highly recommend!

Extremely knowledgable doctor, listens well and provides solutions that work!

by Bradley on Merritt Wellness Center
Dr. Merritt has helped me tremendously...

Dr. Merritt has supported me by providing the knowledge, nutrition, and supplementation that has pulled me out of chronic fatigue. Thanks Dr. Merritt!

by Dale on Merritt Wellness Center
Breath of Fresh Air

Dr. Merritt and her staff are welcoming, knowledgeable, and committed to helping their patients. I had a wonderful visit, with a clearly-outlined plan to address the issues I've been facing. I cannot recommend MWC and their informed approach to wellness.

by Aubrey on Merritt Wellness Center
I love this center.

This wellness center has really helped me in my journey for healthy living.  They have so much great education for everyone to read.  They really open your eyes and make you see how easy clean eating is.