Previously “Impossible” Treatment for Cognitive Decline

Most people think cognitive decline is impossible to treat. Yet Dr. Dale Bredesen has shown that it is possible. His research demonstrates improvements even among people with symptoms like getting lost while driving, not remembering names, and not being able to function in normal life activities. Dr. Bredesen published his first paper presenting reversal of cognitive decline in 2014; in 2016 and 2018 he has published follow-up papers that definitively show how he has done this. We have 2 practitioners certified in this protocol, and are currently administering it with dozens of patients.

Dr. Bredesen’s program shows that 6 major stressors cause cognitive decline.

In following his protocol, we run extensive testing to determine the patient’s top 2 types, and then treat accordingly.  So this amounts to a very personalized treatment plan — lasting about a year. Our program includes everything from extensive testing, supplements to lifestyle changes, nutrition, exercise, and more. We perform consistent retesting to make the our patients are improving. Additionally, we have two extra staff members who are dedicated to patient care on the Bredesen Protocol™. We have created and are committed to maintaining one of the most robust Bredesen Protocol™ programs in the country.

So far we have achieved a 100% success rate — if the person comes in early enough. People in late stage Alzheimer’s typically come to us with too much damage to be able to reverse the decline. If you suspect that you or somebody you know has cognitive trouble or memory issues, we strongly encourage you to take action. Waiting only makes things worse. Bring them in for a NeuroCheck consultation. Call us for more details. (512) 495-9015

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  1. Kate
    Kate says:

    I am an acupuncturist in Washington, DC and am wondering if you are able to do your Bredesen Protocol testing and treatment protocol via telemedicine consulting. If so, I have a patient whom I would like to refer to you. Thanks!

  2. MWC Staff
    MWC Staff says:

    Hi Kate, For most of the program, we are able to administer via telemedicine; we do require they come for a medical intake appointment, though. Call us to discuss more. Thanks!

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