PediatricsThis is not the office that parents take their children to first — it usually the last stop after all other avenues have failed. As such, we are used to solving difficult cases and have developed methods that go beyond conventional thinking.

Kids love this type of doctor’s office! No painful needles, and a lot of attention. Imagine your child is healthy enough to not need antibiotics, or that there are gentle and effective ways to get your child healthy if they are sick. We have solved chronic ear and sinus problems, rashes and dermatological problems, digestive problems and more. Not only do we have effective vitamins and herbs that can strengthen your child, we can also teach you how to help them at home through nutrition. We treat all ages — from newborns to teenagers. Children often respond faster than adults to treatment.

Because change happens in a family from the parents first, we respectfully require that we have a parent on a nutrition program in our office.