Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision

We stand for a world where optimal health can be enjoyed by all,
where all people have the opportunity to achieve
a higher quality of health than previously realized.

Regardless of age, income, culture, or education, health is achievable.
Even in the face of disease, a level of quality of life and of health is
always possible.

Our Mission

Merritt Wellness Center is committed to providing the best
complementary healthcare possible for our patients, their families, and
always in partnership with other healthcare providers.

The cornerstone of health is education, and within education one has
choice. Choices in healthcare give the patient control and, therefore,
freedom. In providing that education, we recognize and address prior
health breakdowns and teach patients about becoming proactive –
achieving prevention versus reaction – to illness.

We serve as a pathway to optimal health, on which the individual gains
access to choice, attains a new level of health, and, therefore,
achieves a new quality of life.

We achieve this through a triad of treatment, supplementation, and
education, and through an unending commitment to our patients, our
practice, and what is possible for the future.

Our Mission And Vision