Nutritional & Lifestyle Counseling

Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional & Lifestyle CounselingNo healing can take place without nutrition to rebuild the body!

All of our practitioners have advanced studies in nutrition — Drs. Marlene Merritt and Will Mitchell have completed Masters degrees in Nutrition, and Sara Stapleton is currently enrolled at the University of Western States for a degree in Human Nutrition. We use nutrition to treat specific conditions and heal disease by giving the body specific food supplements (not isolated and incomplete vitamins like 99% of supplements on the market). To understand whole food supplements better, watch this video of Dr. Marlene talking about supplements.


Working with whole food supplements gives the body all the co-factors and enzymes for absorption that allows healing to occur. This is very different than the typical nutritionist who gives synthetic Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol). Even Wikipedia acknowledges that vitamin E has eight different parts, yet what you get in a “vitamin” pill from even the best health food stores is, at best, mixed tocopherols (there are four total) and not even close to how vitamin E is in foods. This is why we don’t use synthetics in our office — not just because they don’t fully provide nutrition, but also because they have been shown to increase rates of cancer, infertility and mortality (read Dr. Marlene’s published article on The Dangerous Hype of Antioxidants).

We can also help you create a lifestyle of nutrition that works for you. Never cook at home? Have kids? Spend lots of time at the office? Athletic? Have specific health concerns? We can work with all of them and create a realistic, do-able and even enjoyable program to help you improve your health.

Primarily, these nutritional counseling appointments are with Dr. Marlene Merritt and are about 1 hour in length, to allow for enough time to explain different topics and answer all questions.

For more information on Nutrition Counseling, read “What is Nutrition Counseling?”

Lifestyle Counseling

We know that people are occasionally “nervous” about seeing a complementary healthcare practitioner – “What if they tell me to stop eating meat?” (we won’t!) or “I’m too tired to exercise every day!” (then we just figure out first why you’re tired). What we’re committed to is that we find new ways for you to break out of your routines, and put in habits and new ways of thinking that support you in your new health goals. We figure out what is already working and build on that. Now, it’s true that there may be some changes that would be good to make, but they will be choices you make, not us insisting on anything. We’re all about meeting you wherever you are, and giving you options, and educating you on those courses of action, so you can make ones that work for you.