MWC Detox Cleanse



Cleansing is the most effective way to do everything from clearing out excess hormones to de-congesting your liver and colon. If you struggle with sluggishness or fatigue, facial breakouts, sugar cravings, weight gain, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, or simply don´t know how to turn your diet and lifestyle around, then the MWC Detox Cleanse is for you!

Read here for our FAQ’s about the MWC Detox Cleanse.

To see if doing a Cleanse is right for you, please call us and we will set up a free 15–minute consult. As certified Detox Specialists, we are trained to address any questions or concerns you might have — we are here to support you! You can also call and speak with our friendly staff if you’d like to order this directly from us.

For those of you who have done our Detox Cleanse before, refill kits are available.

See what our patients say about the MWC Detox Cleanse*:

“I can’t believe how much energy I have! I thought this would be all about depriving myself of stuff, but instead I feel unbelievably good! I’ve lost weight, I feel so much better! I want to stay on this longer!” ~ Cindy H.

“My office thought I had gotten Botox because my face looked so good while I was on the MWC Detox Cleanse —they couldn’t believe it when I told them it was just because I was detoxing! I had no idea how much better I would feel — I can’t recommend this enough!” ~  Chris C.

“The MWC Detox Cleanse fixed a digestive condition that I’d had for years. The practitioner I saw educated me on how my diet was directly causing my intestinal distress. Looking back on it, the link between our food choices and our physical ailments is ridiculously direct. It´s a “duh” situation, but one that most MD’s won’t often, if ever, discuss with their patients. I now do the Cleanse at least once a year and it makes the biggest difference.” ~ By Shuji S.