Relief from Mold Illness So You Can Get Back to Living

Having Mold Illness can sometimes feel like you’re crazy: the average patient sees between ten and twenty doctors without results. Then other people question whether your symptoms are real. Your symptoms get worse and new ones are added without being alleviated. With the Shoemaker Protocol, relief is possible and you can get back to living.

Do you have a mold problem?

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3 Parts of CIRS

Genetic Susceptibility

Genes that govern immune system responses 

Exposure to Biotoxins

• Mold  • Lyme  • Venom • Certain Chemicals  • Others

Inflammatory Response

Inflammation that doesn’t get resolved

Get Relief by 
Getting to the Root

Rest assured when you choose Merritt Wellness Center to help you overcome CIRS. Our practitioners have helped thousands of people like you overcome health challenges that are labeled “irreversible” by conventional medicine. We are committed to the highest level of excellence: our practitioners are constantly advancing their training to help patients get to the root of health problems. Our practitioners all have multiple certifications in cutting edge medicine, including: Certified Nutrition Specialists, Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioners, Bredesen Qualified Practitioners, Certified as Proficiency Partners in the Shoemaker Protocol for CIRS, plus more. We have spent twenty years helping patients just like yourself – find out what we can do for you.