First-Hand Experiences of Health. Exactly.

I wanted to drop you a line after having been a patient, because what has happened to me was remarkable. I have had an almost entire loss of psoriasis which had been a somewhat painful and irritating condition for years, and the extreme and debilitating pain from arthritis and a herniated disc has been eliminated! But I’m pregnant now and what has been profound to me is how this pregnancy has differed from my previous pregnancies. My blood pressure has remained low this time (unlike my other pregnancies where I took extremely high doses of 3-5 medications!!). Though I’m frequently tested for diabetes, I do not have gestational diabetes either. At nearly the end of my pregnancy, I’ve gained about 27 pounds — I wish I hadn’t gained that much given my weight, but in the past I gained 55-80 pounds following a diabetic-prescribed diet. This time I’ve mostly stayed on the eating plan you suggested. These changes may not seem extreme, but to me, they are (as I said) profound. I spent over a month on hospitalized bed rest with my first child and went on bed rest at 5 months pregnant with my second. This time, I’m still on my feet and even exercising at over 8 months as well as keeping up with my very young children despite my weight. My journey hasn’t been perfect but you have taught me a great deal and I’m feeling so hopeful and much stronger than I have in years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Leila H.

As a practitioner, I have been following you for some time and was thrilled that you were speaking at the conference. You really filled it in for me and I became so empowered and inspired by all that you have shared and have now applied this to my own family.

My husband — a big bike rider and previous bike shop owner had, for decades, bowed to the spaghetti and home baked, whole wheat bread god (also lots of fruit and stops for scones, etc) and consequently had triglycerides at 400’s. Over the previous year, he decreased his fruit and sugars in general, so labs went down to upper 200’s. CRP was still really up there – 5’s.

Since the day I got back from the conference, he never baked another loaf and we started on the 20-30 carbs per meal. I was shocked that he was willing to make such a huge psychological leap — not his typical! What had been bothering him the most was his awakenings every 1-2 hours to urinate all night long, for years. Also he was starting to have aching in the prostate area. Scared, no doubt.

The following morning he announced wide-eyed that he only woke up once all night. Sleeps well now. No more groin symptoms either. At 5 weeks he had his every-6-mo. labs. Triglycerides were 83!!!, HDL had gone up 10 points, CRP 2.1, LDL 118. I was shocked. Your information and those changes we made as a result are the only changes we made. He’s 71 — so old-dog-new-trick is possible! 🙂

I can’t thank you enough!

Diane OmtvedtRNC-E, M.Ac., L.Ac.

I was referred to Merritt Wellness because I have had years of terrible ulcerative colitis and very bad psoriasis. The psoriasis was on my back, all over my elbows and my shins, so bad I didn’t want to wear shorts. It would scab and bleed. Now my psoriasis has significantly improved on my arms (it’s nearly cleared up altogether!), and has measurably improved on my calves and shins. My ulcerative colitis has improved to the point that I have stopped taking the medication prescribed for it. I have also stopped taking two other medications I was on. I have lost 30 pounds and lowered my glucose levels by 20 points. Merritt Wellness has been the referral of my life.

Renee C.

I’ve done 3 Detox-Cleanses from Merritt Wellness this year in conjunction with working out with Joyce Luke and I feel better today than I have in over 10 years. I have been amazed at the mental clarity, energy and focus, plus the 20 lbs. and 7+ inches off my waist is an added bonus.

Scott T.

Years ago, I was desperate for REAL healthcare after Western medicine failed me time and again, and thanks to the both of you, I managed to get back on track to being in the best health of my life. You and Will are truly everything that practitioners should be, so thank you for restoring my faith in healthcare providers, for motivating me to take on this new adventure and for everything else you do.

Christina K.

Having been a practicing RN for 21 years, I was firmly grounded in the Western medical model. Until a few years ago, I would not even consider trying acupuncture, chiropractic or anything of that school of thought. Then I met someone who had me shift my point of view and try these Eastern medical practices. Which brought me to Merritt Wellness, Drs. Marlene Merritt, and Will Mitchell.

In being treated in their practice, I am symptom free from a neurological symptom that I have had for 8 years and no one in Western medicine was able to diagnose, let alone treat and cure. Their ability to get to the root of a problem and cure it is nothing short of amazing. They explain what is happening to you and your treatment in very logical, easy to understand and follow ways. I would highly recommend anyone dealing with any medical condition to open their paradigm and include Eastern medical treatment in your regime—and if you do, go to Merritt Wellness!

Janet Z.

I’m not sure where to start to explain how Merritt Wellness and specifically Dr Marlene Merritt has changed/saved my life.
In January 2019, I was diagnosed with Seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). This meant I had an autoimmune disease due to symptoms happening in my body but the tests for the RA factor were negative.
To me it meant pain and inflammation in my fingers, wrists, elbows, neck, legs, feet and ankles. It meant barely being able to stand and walk without extreme pain, the ability to open lids on containers, even brushing my teeth was difficult.
The rheumatologist I was referred to immediately started me on steroids and Methotrexate medications, according to the Arthritis Foundation these are the first line of defense against RA. I took the medication because I thought I had no choice. 4 months after beginning the medication I had some relief but was still struggling to get through my daily life. My Rheumatologist told me I would need to start on a stronger biologic drug to achieve relief.
I researched what that meant and found the side effects for the Methotrexate and the biologics drugs terrified me. I started to look for alternatives and that’s when a friend referred me to Dr Marlene Merritt.
My first visit was June 2019, I could barely believe my ears when Dr Merritt told me I could get better by finding the root cause of the reason my autoimmune system went haywire in the first place. I began my journey of functional medicine which in my understanding very simplistically means “treating the root cause of the problem and the person not the disease”. Dr Merritt started me on a path to reverse what was happening inside my body.
During the next six months, my body started changing and the symptoms I had been devastated by were gone. At this time, I had an inner conflict, am I better because of the changes I had made, or if the medication had finally gotten into my system enough to help. I decided to take a leap of faith and stop taking the Methotrexate. It turned out none of my RA side effects returned. I WAS AMAZED! I visited my Rheumatologist with labs in hand and he was shocked that I had no RA symptoms and my lab results were normal without any medications.
It has been a little over a year now and I have no RA symptoms. I continue to work with Dr Merritt tweaking my mind, body and soul and diet to become the best me I can be. Please understand there is a lot of work to be done and following the recommendations make all of the difference in this process. I am now able to do HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING (HIIT) on my bike, I have started core workout training and weight lifting! I never thought I would be able to physically do any of these activities again. I owe it all to Dr Merritt’s guidance. The words “Thank you” seem like such small words for the gratitude I feel for the relationship we have formed to make my life’s journey one to be enjoyed again.

Sonja T.

I am a 64-year old man. I came to Dr. Merritt for my high blood pressure and she told me something I had never heard — blood pressure issues happen because of something else. My doctor never said anything like this — he just prescribed me medicine. Dr. Merritt ran a blood test and on it it said I had an infection and a bad one — my numbers were 20x over normal. Yes, my dentist had told me I had a tooth infection but that we should “watch it”. Dr. Merritt said absolutely not and told me to take my blood test to my dentist, who, when she saw it, immediately sent me to the periodontist. They ended up taking out three teeth that were infected. Suffice to say, my blood pressure improved and is now in a normal range, and I’m off 2 of my three meds and working on the third. I feel like I owe her my life — an infection like that (I learned later) can cause a heart attack. Thank you so much for what you, Dr. Merritt, and your team have done for me!

Jim R.

I came to Merritt Wellness after spending tens of thousands of dollars to find out why, as a mother of three, I was so overly exhausted. My joints hurt. I stopped being a musician because I couldn’t function anymore. I had even gone to the Mayo Clinic where they diagnosed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but the diagnosis is worthless because there’s nothing they can do for it. Dr. Mitchell immediately suspected I was poisoned by mold from our last house. He ran the right tests (THANK GOD) that showed this, and started treating me immediately. In three months, I had improved so much I couldn’t believe it! My husband simply can’t understand why the Mayo Clinic couldn’t figure this out but Dr. Mitchell explained that until more medical personnel are trained in this, they’ll keep diagnosing people with CFS and fibromyalgia. I’m not fully done with the treatment yet, but I have the energy for my kids and husband now, and I’ve started playing my guitar again, which I had given up. SO SO appreciative.

Sarah S.