Our Approach: Precision-Driven
and Designed to Restore Health

Merritt Wellness maintains a clear, straightforward approach to consultations that our patients love. Within it, you’ll feel our precision-driven focus that will facilitate accelerated health and healing.

Whatever it is, you tell us about your symptoms.

“It’s a refreshing approach and you feel like a valued patient, rather than a number in a waiting room.”

Jackie S.

Here’s how we heal:

  • Whatever it is, you tell us about your symptoms.

  • We review your medical history.

  • We take this information, and using our unique blend of medical knowledge, pull the pieces together and get to work.

  • If you need tests, we hone in on the exact panels required to get answers.

  • We partner with previous practitioners you trust.

  • We establish a treatment plan utilizing all our modalities

We do it all digitally to ensure speed and access to what we have to offer.
Together, we rebuild health and confidence in your body.

Our services include the following:

Functional Medicine

Looks at treating the whole body, and restoring function to you, not just treating symptoms. Current medical research is broad and Functional Medicine is finally putting that information into practice.

Blood Testing

Tired of getting incomplete blood panels, but not knowing what to ask for? We run in-depth panels, inexpensively, to get a picture of your health.

Hormonal Testing

Blood tests aren’t necessarily the best testing for hormones. We will give you options and run accurate testing to assess your hormone levels.

Genetic Testing

Want to know about MTHFR? If you’re genetically susceptible to mold or Lyme or chemicals? We run all this and more, but can also analyze data you bring to us.

Food Allergy/Intolerance Testing

Want to know if you’re reacting to a food? We help you figure out which testing is necessary and accurate.

Certified Herbal Supplementation

As board-certified herbalists, we know which herbs work for you, with your medications, and what distinguishes good quality, so you don’t waste your money.


Our certified Family Nurse Practitioner can help you with prescriptions, safely coming off prescriptions, or figuring out when you have too many.

Chinese Medicine

Board certified and licensed in Chinese medicine, we can bring our knowledge of herbs, acupuncture and medical wisdom to your treatment when applicable.