Hate Going To The Dentist? Read This!

Most people hate going to the dentist and it’s mostly because we dread the bad news (and OK, the drill, too). Some people just seem lucky and don’t get cavities, or root canals, or crowns, and then there’s the rest of us. And what’s more frustrating is that even when you ARE flossing all the time, and carrying a toothbrush around, it doesn’t mean that your next visit will be perfect. Even then, you might get bad news.

Why is that? Mostly, it’s a combination of a few things. Many of us have harmful bacteria in our mouth and those bacteria eat away at the enamel. Those bad bacteria LOVE people who eat lots of carbs, because they get their energy from those sugars as well. Then there is the dry mouth/acid mouth syndrome. If you breathe through your mouth because you have sinus problems, or use a CPAP machine, or allergies, or if you’re athletic (athletes often breathe through their mouths) then that dries out your mouth, causing the pH of your mouth to become too acidic. If you have acid reflux or GERD, or hormonal imbalances, braces, or take prescription medications — all of those will increase your risk as well. When your mouth pH gets too acidic, it causes you to have bad breath, erosion of the tooth enamel, gingivitis, and plaque. And then the bacteria make acids as well, which causes tooth discoloration, sensitivity and cavities. And if you have those bacteria, then it’s a sure thing that your family does as well, as we pass them around, so if you someone you love has had gum disease, you probably have those bacteria in your mouth as well. Ewww! (I think this is what we used to call “cooties” when we were little, right?)

What would it be like if you could remineralize your teeth? Did you know that traditional cultures (ones that weren’t eating a Western-type diet) had an average of one cavity per three adults? And that one cavity was the only one that person got EVER. And, even better, that cavity would fix itself. Yeah, we were impressed, too. For more info on this, read about Weston A. Price, a dentist in the 1920’s and 30’s who did research on just that.

We’ve started working with a dentist who’s spent her career figuring out how to reverse all this, all without having to make constant visits to the dentist (kind of ironic, we know). She’s come up with a protocol that involves using a series of washes/rinses that changes the pH of your mouth, reverses gum disease, reduces your chances of root canals, and remineralizes your teeth. This protocol also uses xylitol, which is well-documented to kill off the bad bacteria in your mouth and allow your teeth to remineralize. The protocol is inexpensive, easily refilled at Walgreen’s, and, more importantly, you’ll notice a difference within a few days. We’ve seen striking results:

  • We had a patient with receding gums, scheduled for gum surgery, who, after only a month of using this protocol, stunned her dentist so much he canceled her surgery.
  • One patient had had molar pain for months, and within a couple of days, noticed the pain was gone.
  • One of our staff, frustrated with her constant bad news at her dentist, despite flossing three times a day, tried this. Just last week her hygienist said, “Whatever you’re doing, keep it up! Your teeth are looking amazing!”
  • Dr. Will and I have always been pretty lucky at the dentist, but even our own hygienist, without us even mentioning anything, saw a huge positive change in our teeth.

The whole starter protocol is $65. If you’re interested in having your dentist be amazed as well, or you’d like to reverse tooth damage, gingivitis and prevent further damage, OR you know already that teeth health reflects whole body health, then contact our office as 512-495-9015 and we’ll get a kit right out to you, or you can come and pick one up. And we look forward to hearing about what your hygienist says as well!