Genetic Testing to Determine Deficiencies

The phrase “you are what you eat” definitely applies to your endocrine system. Hormone imbalances can often be linked to nutritional imbalances; for example, thyroid imbalances are associated with insufficient iodine, selenium, Vitamin B12 and (in the case of hyperthyroidism) Vitamin D. But generalities aren’t good enough when treating a hormone imbalance. One critical axiom of the patient-based medicine we offer here at Merritt Wellness Center is that each individual body is different, thanks to the unique genetic codes that each of us has inherited. This individuality means that there’s no “one size fits all” away to address the precise combination of nutrients your body needs.

genetic TestingThat’s why offer genetic testing to determine the best nutritional therapy protocol for your specific hormonal issues. By comparing the genetic results of a cheek swab with your specific lifestyle, we can score how your current choices are impacting your health and wellness in 12 different categories, from B vitamin metabolism to salt sensitivity. Dr. Merritt can then create a personalized nutrition program to help correct those hormonal imbalances and keep them where they should be.

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