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Functional Medicine For YouWhat would it be like if a doctor actually dealt with the ROOT of your health issues, rather than write prescriptions to deal with symptoms? If he or she could tell you what it would take to improve your health, rather than give you meds to simply not feel AS bad? This is what Functional Medicine does — it’s focus is see the person as a WHOLE, looking at the totality of someone’s symptoms, health, background, lifestyle, environment. The definition of Functional Medicine discusses how chronic disease always starts out with years of decline. What if we can see and treat those diseases long before they become chronic, entrenched and fatal?

A good example of using Functional Medicine in action is a blood test — someone trained in Functional Medicine applies narrower ranges to that blood test, to see if you’re in optimal health ranges, rather than waiting until you fall out of the lab ranges. And the blood panels are more complete, allowing us to see the relationship between values. As another example, most doctors will only run a TSH panel to check for thyroid symptoms, skipping the actual measurement of actual thyroid hormones like T4 and T3, but in Functional Medicine, we look at it all (see our description of Testing Services).

You are a complex, unique, and interwoven combination of influences that have set a stage for either the development of a disease or the maintenance of health. If you want to improve your health from the root AND deal with the branch symptoms, this is for you.

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