Whether you’re dealing with a diagnosed chronic illness or simply “feeling tired” all the time, you may have found that treatment for your symptoms provides you with temporary, incomplete relief at best. That’s because symptoms are caused by underlying problems in the way your body’s various components are working together. Relieving your symptoms therefore requires improving your body’s function – which is why we’re so happy to offer functional medicine services here at Merritt Wellness Center.

Functional Medicine For YouOften functional medicine works where ordinary medical treatment fails because your functional medicine doctor goes beyond noting symptoms to evaluate every aspect of your well-being, from musculoskeletal and nerve function to emotional stress, lifestyle habits, dietary practices and activity levels. We also look more deeply at the subtle data to be found within lab results and vital signs, not looking not only for indicators of a specific disease but at all the other things your hormone balance, blood count, and other results can tell us. This helps us understand how the interplay between your physical systems is affecting your overall health.

Last but not least, functional medicine takes a multi-pronged approach toward treatment that bridges traditional and alternative disciplines. We focus on three critical elements that influence your well-being – lifestyle, genetics, and environment – to develop a deep understanding of how these elements are helping or hurting you. From there, we can combine multiple healing modalities with self-care recommendations to help you enhance your quality of life. This patient-centered attitude not only helps us provide genuine relief by treating causes instead of just symptoms; it also helps us develop a beneficial, trust-based relationship with our patients.

The best way to learn more about functional medicine’s potential is to experience it for yourself. Call us to schedule a consultation with your friends at Merritt Wellness Center!