Functional medicine is all about understanding and addressing the underlying causes of your symptoms, as opposed to simply masking your symptoms temporarily. The three key systems that influence health and wellness are genetics, environment, and lifestyle. The last of these includes what kind of nutrition your body is getting – or, as is the case with so many people, not getting. Everything you ingest affects your health for better or for worse, and our functional medicine services can help you gain control over this critical aspect of your well-being. Your functional medicine doctor can achieve this through:

Applied Kinesiology – Applied Kinesiology, also known as Muscle Testing, is a means of discovering nutritional deficiencies by analyzing various neurological reflexes that correspond to specific organs or systems. As we encounter weaknesses, we can then find the right nutritional supplements to re-balance your physical function.

Nutritional supplements – Artificially-derived extracts of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids cannot supply the complete nutritional benefits of whole foods. Our natural whole food nutritional supplements are designed to give your body what it needs as effectively as the foods themselves.

Detox – Unhealthy food, air, and water can load the boy with toxins that have a negative impact on your health. Our certified specialists can provide you with a Detox Cleanse program featuring natural organic herbs carefully selected from around the world.

Genetic nutrition testing – Our genes make us unique, which means that genetic nutrition testing can help us tailor nutritional solutions just for you by performing a genetic analysis to see whether your individual genetic makeup make you prone to specific nutritional deficiencies or food sensitivities.

We can prescribe nutritional services that work in concert with various other treatment methods in an integrated functional medicine program. Contact Merritt Wellness today to find out how we can help you eat for health!