FAQs about the MWC Detox Cleanse


Today our bodies are inundated with toxins at a rate that we cannot process. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that the average American consumes 4 pounds of pesticides a year. Human bodies have never had to handle that challenge before. We have residues of over 400 toxic substances in our bodies. What do these chemicals do to us? They poison us slowly. They cause allergies, asthma, skin problems, sleep problems, cancer, emotional problems, hormone problems, infertility and heart disease, as well as things we are unaware of.

Why use this Cleanse?

We designed this package after years of research and successfully guiding our patients through this experience. We’ve included additional support for sugar cravings, as well as everything from a 5–Day Countdown, to a Toxicity Questionnaire, to a Shopping List, to a Recipe Guide. Everything that we could think of that would support someone in doing the MWC Detox Cleanse went into this package.

The MWC Detox Cleanse is unique. It uses specific herb and nutrition combinations to stimulate detoxification of many organs. Then your nutritional reserves are built up over three weeks with whole food concentrates that are extremely easy to absorb, filling in the gaps where your nutrition has been lacking. The MWC Detox Cleanse uses the best nutrition available, all organic and vegetarian, combined with professional grade herbs and the professional guidance of our certified Detox Specialists.

Unlike other cleanses out there, this is made ONLY from vegetables. There are no synthetics, no extra weird ingredients made in a lab, nothing but concentrated organic vegetables grown on the largest organic farm in Wisconsin and cold-processed (to keep all their enzymes intact) about a mile down the road from that farm.

It’s designed to target all the detoxifying organs — the liver, the gall bladder, the colon, the kidneys, and blood. In this regard, it’s substantially better than targeting only the colon, for example, since the liver is MUCH more involved in actually converting toxins (and needs nutrition to do it). You have to be sure that the bile is freely-moving to bring those toxins through the gall bladder into the intestines (and many people have “sludgy” bile – this Cleanse addresses that). Then, you have to be sure that the bowels are moving, since if they’re sluggish at all, those toxins will actually reabsorb back into the system. This is why this program is designed as a whole body cleanse — it’s just simply more effective that way.

How long is the MWC Detox Cleanse?

The MWC Detox Cleanse is 3 weeks long, which is the perfect amount of time to remove the toxins from your body, rebuild areas that are missing nutrition, and most importantly, break bad habits and develop new good habits that will carry you beyond the Cleanse.

Can I eat?

Absolutely! The first time you do a MWC Detox Cleanse, we recommend you remove caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, deep–fried foods and processed foods (anything in a bag or a box). That leaves a lot of other foods to eat, and our binder details all of this. You will also get recipes from us for great foods and snacks, as well as protein shakes. If you want to get even “purer”, you can add more vegetables and remove carbohydrates, or meat — the best judge should be yourself and how you feel.

Is it hard to do?

We’ve designed this so that no matter where you are in your eating habits, you can do this more easily than you think. We have 3 levels to choose from, with clear guidelines for each. For example, the first level entails removing only 5 things from your diet: alcohol, caffeine, sugar and sweeteners, processed foods (stuff that comes in bags, boxes, or cans) and deep-fried food (not stir-fried). So technically, that means you could have pizza if was homemade (it doesn’t have alcohol, doesn’t have caffeine, it’s deep-fried, etc.). See? If you want to take it deeper, on Level 2 you could take out dairy, or gluten, or do it low-carb, for example. Level 3 is fruits and vegetables and the vegetable/protein shake (that’s on all the levels) for the first 10 days, and then you add in meats and proteins for the second 10 days. So pick whatever level you’d like!

There are supplements to take throughout, and a specifically designed shake that is often refilled by patients after the Cleanse because they like it so much — it’s basically a ton of vegetables in dehydrated form, with some whey protein (we also have it with rice protein). We have shake recipes in the binder, and people rave about how they feel on it. Because who eats enough vegetables?

Why do I have to take supplements? Why don’t I just eat a lot of vegetables?

Because you couldn’t eat enough vegetables to cause the result we’re trying to have happen. The reason is this: your liver needs a lot of nutrition to conjugate the toxins (and things like estrogen) to get them out of your system and most of us don’t eat NEARLY the amount of vegetables to get that nutrition. And that’s assuming you were eating only organic vegetables — if you’re not, your system definitely doesn’t have enough. It’s like having to eat a bowl of kale and brussels sprouts 3 times a day for a month, and that’s only a couple of the ingredients in these capsules.

What should I expect?

Our included binder details this, but you should expect to feel slightly achy, perhaps have a headache, or be a little tired the first couple of days on the Cleanse. This is from the toxins getting flushed out of your system. After that, people start feeling great — more energy, are sleeping better, more alert, and they lose weight. Of course, this is all dependent on your personal physiology and doing the Cleanse the way it´s designed, but the typical results are these:

• Weight loss
• Great energy
• Clearer skin
• Great sleep
• Improved digestion

What’s the difference between the MWC Detox Cleanse
and a fast like the Master Cleanser?

The difference between cleansing and fasting is the difference between eating and not eating, and between nutrition and lack thereof. Fasting is defined as going without food and or drink for a period of time, and, as one can imagine, that will nutritionally and energetically deplete a person. There are a variety of fasts out there, ranging from only water to a popular one called the Master Cleanser, made of lemon juice and maple syrup. We typically don´t recommend fasting, as the basic theory is that in restricting what is being ingested, the body will start to pull toxins out of the tissues. The problem here is that in taking in less nutrients and less calories, the body depletes itself, which weakens the whole system. The metabolism slows down, which only leads to weight gain when the person begins eating again, and overall, fasting is simply not very effective in pulling toxins out of the body.

Cleansing, on the other hand, is designed to drastically increase the amount of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and fiber going into the body, all the while targeting specific organs. During a Cleanse, the person typically refrains from eating “bad” foods (sugars, alcohol, caffeine, etc.) while increasing the amount of vegetables and fruits eaten, and then takes supplements proven to detoxify the body. The specific organs targeted by the herbs and nutrients are the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, blood, and colon, but toxins are pulled from all tissues. The colon is especially assisted with large amounts of fiber to help it clean out residual waste, and to help expel the toxins. The MWC Detox Cleanse has been designed to be the most effective combination of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients so that while you are cleansing, you are also replacing all of the missing nutritional building blocks in your system, and strengthening the foundation on which your body functions. It is clear that if you want your body to be strong, healthy and nutritionally sound, a Cleanse is the solution.

Are there any harsh laxatives in the MWC Detox Cleanse?

Definitely not! The organic fiber used in the Cleanse contains five ingredients to work synergistically together to cleanse and lubricate the intestines, encourage regular elimination, promote pH balance and provide the optimal environment for the natural growth of “friendly” intestinal bacteria.

What is a Certified Detox Specialist?

We have been extensively trained to provide professional support and guidance during the Cleanse. We can answer any questions, adapt and modify the Cleanse for your health conditions, and help you formulate your diet and lifestyle to optimize your Cleanse for your unique body and your current health. This, combined with being certified Nutritionists, insures your success and that we will help you take care of yourself.

Can I take my prescription medications during the Cleanse?

Yes. Many medications are processed through the liver and kidneys, which are prime for needing cleansing, but if they are necessary to take for your everyday health, you should continue to take them throughout the MWC Detox Cleanse. Feel free to check with your doctor about specifics.

I’ve done your Cleanse before — can I just get a Refill Kit?

Absolutely — just contact our office. We have them in stock at all times.