Detox & Nutritional Supplements

Certified Detox Specialists

Detox And NutritionCleansing can bring many health benefits and, as certified Detox Specialists, we can provide the support needed for optimal results.

More information about our MWC Detox Cleanse program is available here.

Herbal and Nutritional Supplements

All of our herbalists are not only Nationally Certified in Chinese Herbology, they are nationally board certified in Oriental Medicine and Herbology. This means that your practitioner is trained in analyzing your symptoms and creating a formula specific to your diagnosis.

We use the highest quality professional herbs from around the world, one of which was the only company ever to be accepted and reimbursed by the UK National Healthcare System. This mean organic, non-synthetic, based on whole food sources. You won’t be finding this level of quality in your local health food store OR on the web! It is because of this that we get results that other practitioners don’t. We take this extensive knowledge into the field, and lecture nationally to other health care practitioners interested in learning and applying what we know.

To see a clear explanation on how to read a vitamin label (and the difference between synthetic vitamins and whole foods), watch this video of Dr. Marlene talking about nutritional supplements and herbal supplements.