Overcome Cognitive Decline

Overcome Cognitive Decline and Find Peace of Mind

Many people with cognitive decline experience  frustration with the lack of treatment options.  A loss of memory or mental function is already difficult enough; finding options for treatment shouldn’t be. Our mission is to end that frustration and anxiety, and to help restore  your cognitive health so you can get back to living your life.

is happening with my mind?

You don’t want to waste any time – start with getting a baseline on the health of your brain.  We call this a NeuroCheck©. This gives us some clear data on your brain. We do this by ordering a specific kind of MRI, performing a volumetric analysis, and also administering two cognitive assessments. NeuroCheck©  additionally includes a consultation where we discuss the results with you, and recommend a treatment plan.

is this happening to my mind?

Cognitive decline doesn’t just happen; there are specific reasons that it occurs. Our Bredesen Qualified practitioners are specially trained to identify these causes. Also being certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine means we can more effectively find the root issue and treat you. 

What do I do now?

Your brain is your most valuable asset; don’t wait for symptoms to become more noticeable. Call for a NeuroCheck© and discuss with practitioners what’s possible for restoring your brain. 

Peace of Mind 
at Merritt Wellness Center

Rest assured when you choose Merritt Wellness Center to help you overcome cognitive decline. Our practitioners have helped thousands of people like you overcome health challenges that are labeled “irreversible” by conventional medicine. We are committed to the highest level of excellence: our practitioners are constantly advancing their training to help patients get to the root of health problems. Our practitioners all have multiple certifications in cutting edge medicine, including: Certified Nutrition Specialists, Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioners, Bredesen Qualified Practitioners, Certified as Proficiency Partners in the Shoemaker Protocol for CIRS, plus more. We have spent twenty years helping patients just like yourself – find out what we can do for you.

The Difference Between Apollo Health and Merritt Wellness Center

Essential ComponentsMerritt Wellness CenterApollo Health
Bredesen Certified Practitioner
Full Set of Labs for ReCODE Report
Limited Set of Labs for ReCODE Report
Expert Nutritional Guidance
Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements
CIRS Treatment
Shoemaker Certified
Volumetric Analysis of MRI
Dedicated Health Coach
Functional Medicine Approach
Full Time Bredesen Patient Coordinator

The Most Complete Program You'll Find Anywhere

NeuroCheck© We administer a neurocognitive assessment and order your MRI. Then we perform a volumetric analysis of your MRI and generate a Neuroreader Report. We go over the results of these tests in a consultation with a Bredesen Qualifiedpractitioner. 

A 2-hour Medical Intake Visit The doctor will run several different cognition measurements, as well as other physical testing, and an extensive functional medicine health survey. He will analyze your prior testing, discuss your goals, describe the different lab testing, and get you set up on your program. This is an opportunity to share with the doctor any information you have in regards to your medical history and have any questions answered.

Customized Lab Tests These labs may include up to 60 different tests that help determine the treatment plan that’s right for you. This is where we check into the causes of your cognitive decline.

Bredesen Type 3 Assessment and Treatment We have found that for patients with Type 3  as one of the drivers of their cognitive decline, it is absolutely critical to detect and treat it first.

Bredesen Type 3 Report of Findings We cover the results of your Type 3 testing and launch the detoxification portion of your program.

ReCODE Report For patients doing the full Bredesen Protocol program, we give a 1-hour Report-of-Findings visit to discuss the ReCODE Report generated from your lab results. The practitioner will discuss the report, and personalize the protocol for you at this visit. Your supplement prescription and lifestyle modifications are customized for you based on the findings of this report.

Functional Medicine Consultations with your The Bredesen Qualified™ practitioner

Access to a Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach As your patient advocate, your Health Coach will support you in the changes required for your course of treatment to work. This person is your go-to person for ideas about what to eat, lifestyle changes and suggestions, when you get stuck, or when you don’t know what to do. We’ve been helping people make effective lifestyle and food changes for years and we are applying this experience to you and your program.


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