New Science Finally Explains Why Healthy People Can’t Lose Weight

Do you avoid sugar and processed foods, exercise, take supplements, pay attention to portions, and drink water, yet you still struggle to lose or maintain your ideal weight? This can be downright maddening, especially when you are doing everything right with little to show for it. A couple years ago I wrote an article called, […]

Healthy Low-Carb Sweeteners!

It’s no secret we are BIG advocates of healthy low-carb living around here. No matter how you slice it, excessive consumption of carbohydrates, especially refined sugars, is a serious contributor to countless acute and chronic diseases ranging from skin issues, to obesity, and even cancer. However, for most of us giving up all sweets is […]

Are Your Supplements Safe? PBS’s Frontline, What’s Accurate, What’s Not

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the recent PBS Frontline report “Vitamins and Supplements”. As a firm advocate of natural medicine and dietary supplement safety, I have to clarify some of the incorrect information contained in that report. The program did bring up some important points about safety and quality issues surrounding diet pills, […]

MTHFR Mistakes: Assumptions, Dangers and What’s True About MTHFR

by Marlene Merritt, LAc, DOM, MS Nutrition. There’s this fad currently going around involving the popularity of the MTHFR genetic testing. Have you had patients come in asking about that? Or, if you are a patient, have you been told you should take 5-MTHF or methylfolate? You might be thinking that its popularity is due […]

So You Think You’re A Healthy Eater?

I always giggle a little bit (to myself) when someone comes into my office and informs me that they are a healthy eater. What exactly does that mean? Does that mean they eat sugar in moderation? And what’s THAT, exactly? Does eating healthy mean they avoid meat? Eat whole grains? Avoid saturated fats? And really, […]