Worst diets EVER (do not try these at home)

Happy New Year everyone! Since it is a NEW YEAR we get a LOT of patients asking about the best diets for weight-loss, health, and better energy. Is it better to go low-carb? Small and frequent? Plant-based? Paleo? Or do a cleanse? With so many diets and conflicting advice out there, it’s no wonder people […]

Stop Wasting Your Money on These “Immune Boosting” Remedies…

Cold and flu season is creeping up fast and (since you’re reading this post) I’ll bet you have a stash of your favorite immune-boosting remedies ready for the first sign of the sniffles… …but, do you know which of these supplements have really been proven to work? For example, you may think you know that […]

Cancer Prevention vs. “Awareness” — Which Do You Want?

by Marlene Merritt, LAc, DOM (NM), MS Nutrition It is the rare person these days who doesn’t have a concern about cancer. Between the constant headlines, pink ribbons on everything from planes to lapels, to hearing that Aunt Stacy was just diagnosed, it is impossible to NOT be aware of cancer’s presence. And we SHOULD […]

Top 5 Cleansing Detox Myths Debunked Here

Cleansing, once reserved for the eccentric and ultra-health-conscious has become a HUGE trend in healthcare. It seems every time we turn around, there’s a new cleanse, detox, elimination diet, or cure-all program being touted as “the” way to lose weight, look younger, and live longer. But, despite its newfound fame, cleansing is still controversial, misunderstood, […]

Avoid These 5 Protein Shake Mistakes

Today we are addressing a BIG nutrition and weight-loss FAQ: Are protein shakes really healthy? The short answer: it depends. On what? The quality of the ingredients in the shake. And not all shakes are created equal, not by a long shot! With so many different types of shakes out there—some containing upwards of 40+ […]