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Our doctors have produced in-depth books to address some of the major health issues of today.

The Unbreakable Brain

The Unbreakable Brainby Dr. Will Mitchell, DOM, MS Nutrition

Are you worried every time you can’t remember where your car keys are? Think every time you forget a specific word that it means you have Alzheimer’s disease?  There are research-proven ways to prevent AND reverse cognitive decline. More than 16 million people in the United States are currently living with cognitive impairment.  You don’t have to be one of them – losing cognitive function does not have to be a part of aging.  Learn how to shield your brain from cognitive decline – for life!

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Smart Blood Sugar

By Dr. Marlene Merritt, DOM, MS Nutrition

Discover Why We Face a 75% Or Greater Risk of Getting Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes By Our 65th Birthday…

Smart Blood Sugar is a powerful system designed to help fix your blood sugar problems 100% naturally.

  • Start Using “Stored Power” – Discover how to switch your body’s energy sources to using “Stored Energy” while minimizing blood sugar spikes and insulin surges.
  • Control Your Insulin Demands – Learn how to prevent a constant flood of insulin in your body, which can result in “insulin resistance” and greatly increase the demand placed on your pancreas.
  • Stop Blood Sugar Spikes – Discover which foods spike blood sugar and which don’t, and strategies to keep your energy up while making healthy choices easy, and a no-brainer.

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The Blood Pressure Solution

By Dr. Marlene Merritt, DOM, MS Nutrition

Is your blood pressure too high? I’ll show you how you can lower your blood pressure naturally and safely, without medication, once and for all.


  • How to STOP your high blood pressure in its tracks, and reverse the damage it’s wreaking on your body for good without a single drug. Just by visiting your neighborhood grocery store.
  • The #1 food you MUST avoid if you want to lower your blood pressure safely and naturally (HINT: It’s NOT salt, as you’ve probably been lead to believe!)

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The Perfect Sleep Solution

By Dr. Marlene Merritt, DOM, MS Nutrition and Dr. Will Mitchell, DOM, MS Nutrition

Do you “dread the bed”? Is it frustrating to lay awake, knowing you need to be sleeping, and worried about how you’ll feel the next day? Or do you fall asleep just fine, but wake up 3 hours later, unable to fall back asleep? This book was designed for you. In it, you will learn:

  • The difference between your mind keeping you awake, and your body’s imbalances doing it
  • What the difference is between having a hard time falling asleep, and not being able to STAY asleep. Different reasons, with different solutions.
  • How to get your sleep finally handled!

There’s a witticism in medicine that the five most dangerous words are “Maybe it will go away!” And insomnia can be like that. Stop putting up with insomnia and start getting to sleep… naturally.

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