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Why Women Can’t Win at Ninja Warrior

When I was studying for my masters degree in nutrition and functional medicine, I was introduced to Dr. Stacy Sims’ years of research in sports nutrition, and her mantra “Women are not small men” really hit home. As a girl growing up with three brothers in the piney woods of southeast Texas, I did a […]

What makes A-F Betafood a Powerhouse Supplement?

A-F Betafood is one of the foundational supplements in the Standard Process line, and it is an excellent product to support healthy digestion of fat in the diet. But its benefits don’t stop there.  As with all Standard Process supplements, whole foods are the basis of this powerful product, and the ingredients work together to […]

Naturally Managing PCOS Without Birth Control Pills and Metformin

Prevalence of PCOS varies based on the diagnostic tool used, but according to the CDC, it affects an estimated 6% to 12% of US women in their reproductive years. That’s as many as 5 million women in our country, and the health complications that come with it can persist far beyond child-bearing years. It is the most common cause of anovulatory infertility (absence of egg release for fertilization).