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What You Don’t Know About the Flu

Year after year we get the same question: “Should I get the flu shot?” And according to experts, this year’s flu season is going to be a whopper.(1) The topic of whether to vaccinate is a loaded one and not what we’ll be tackling in its entirety today. Rather, we will present the cold hard […]

Top 10 REAL Reasons Why We Get Fat…And What To Do About It – Part I of 2

Why is America so fat? Everyone seems to have an opinion on this: “we don’t exercise enough”, “our portions are too large”, “it’s the fast food companies”, “we eat too much processed foods”, “everyone lacks self-control”. All these points have some validity. But the REAL reason so many Americans struggle with weight-gain and obesity isn’t […]

The MTHFR Folate Myth—What your doctor isn’t telling you

The effects (or perceived effects) of MTHFR genetic mutation are something we address in practice every day. I say “perceived effects” because in truth, it is one of THE most hyped up, over-complicated, and misunderstood conditions out there. Discovered during completion of the Human Genome Project, this genetic mutation is believed to be associated with […]