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Inside Scoop on Insulin

Insulin is actually the most troublesome and damaging to the body, despite all you hear about high blood sugar. Insulin causes fluid retention and sodium retention, thus being the cause of hypertension in 80% of the patients I see with this issue. Insulin causes you to convert your bad cholesterol to plaque. Too much insulin […]

Turmeric: What You Don’t Know

Most probably you’ve read some advertisement about turmeric. It’s been touted to reduce inflammation, be an antioxidant, prevent and treat cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, cognition issues, depression and anxiety. It’s been shown to have an anti-toxin effect from compounds like diesel exhaust, nicotine, some heavy metals, formaldehyde and more. It increases flexibility of the arteries.(1) […]

Our #1 Anti-Aging Hack with HerbaVital

As people age, they begin to take their health a bit more seriously. You probably noticed this phenomenon yourself — an article goes by, touting nutrient X as the answer to most ills (think Vitamin C, or Vitamin D, or selenium, for example) so you pick up a bottle of that. Or some marketing company […]

The 1 Trick You Need to Know to Get Some Sleep

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time falling back to sleep? Maybe you’re up for an hour, maybe two, and then when you do fall asleep, it seems like your alarm clock goes off 5 minutes after you fell asleep. And then you’re tired all day. Frustrating, […]

Carb Confusion? What should I be eating?

If there’s one thing the internet is good for, it’s confusing people. This is primarily because anyone can post anything, and if you do a good job with it, EVEN IF IT’S INCORRECT, it will still look good enough to fool people. And we get this “fake news” problem in nutrition all the time. Part […]