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The Truth About Salt

Published August 2013 So what’s the deal with salt? You know you need some of it, but everywhere you see advertising and headlines telling you to eat less of it. You might have salt cravings but you feel guilty indulging in them because you’ve heard from everyone, the government to personal trainers to your mother-in-law, […]

Meat In The Middle

I’ve always wondered if the butchers behind the counter at Whole Foods are ostracized by their plant-centric co-workers. With all the movies like Food, Inc that cause people to immediately become vegan, to the studies stating that meat causes cancer, and is inflammatory, is it no wonder that many of our patients apologetically admit that they still eat meat? So what’s the truth about meat? Is it really that bad?

What You Don’t Know About the Flu

Year after year we get the same question: “Should I get the flu shot?” And according to experts, this year’s flu season is going to be a whopper.(1) The topic of whether to vaccinate is a loaded one and not what we’ll be tackling in its entirety today. Rather, we will present the cold hard […]